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Michigan Talent Agencies, Casting Directors & Agents

Michigan Talent Agencies and Agents: How to
      find a movie agent or talent agency?

When selecting a talent agency or agent, it is important to find someone interested in boosting your acting career. Many new actors and actresses pursue talent agencies based on prestige or size. In some case this may be worthwhile, but often large talent agencies represent so many people that they tend to lose focus. Smaller, local talent agencies that specialize in their area may produce better results. It is common for many actors and actresses to have several agents for different fields. One for theatre, commercials, film, etc...

Having an agent will increase your chances of landing acting jobs and will enhance your credibility with casting directors. It's just more professional in terms of representation. In Hollywood, the acting business is like Wall Street. The more popular your name becomes, the more valuable you become to the major casting agencies. Remember, a successful agent will not only talk about deals but actually get you auditions and meetings with studio producers. And as for the money, the typical 10 percent rule applies.

How to Find a Good Agent or Talent Agency

If you're a talented, good-looking, passionate actor or actress, take your time before you sign with a talent agency or agent. Agents usually work exclusively and make you sign a contract. Do your research, and ask around. Great and viable agents are often found by word to mouth.

Michigan Agents, Casting Directors & Talent Agencies

Ryan Hill Casting

Southfield, MI 48076

Real Style Online

1030 N. Crooks Rd. Suite C

Clawson, MI 48017

Phone: (248) 808-6565

iGroup Model Talent Mgmt

28880 Southfield Rd.

Lathrup Village, MI 48076

Phone: (810) 552-8842