“Road of Darkness” – Short Horror Film Directed by Promising MPI Student, Brian Kilby

“Road of Darkness” directed by: Brian Kilby

Road of Darkness is a short horror film directed by promising MPI student, Brian Kilby. While brainstorming eight years ago in photography class, Kilby, a high school junior at the time, conceived the original story, which underwent little change during its transition to its present form. In fact, the final script, at thirteen pages in length, is only two pages longer than the first script, which was entitled Station 11. A team of writers, including Kilby and myself, wrote a different plot around Kilby’s original idea, and produced Road of Darkness in the spirit of indie Michigan horror film making.

Road of Darkness is a collaborative effort that involved both students and professionals. We got over one hundred and twenty five shots entirely on four separate Michigan locations in five, nine to twelve hour, days. We used one Sony EX1 XDCAM with a Letus 35mm lens adapter to shoot direct to digital in twenty four frames, 1080i. At every shoot a data manager routinely transferred two Sony SxS flash memory cards to a hard drive keeping the raw footage organized and accessible. All equipment was provided by The Motion Picture Institute of Michigan

Road of Darkness stars Jessy Hodges (Anyone But Me web series), who is the daughter of Ellen Sandweiss (The Evil Dead, The Rain, My Name is Bruce), and co-stars Ryan Falcheck (The Stevie Wondershow, Crawl Space). Other cast members include Robert Elnicky, Michael Sneed, Kirk Moreland, and Anna Frusty.

Road of Darkness (2009)

Produced by Brian Kilby and Felix Rodriguez
Directed by Brian Kilby
Written by Brian and John Michael Kilby
Director of Photography: Sebastian Boada
Assistant Director: Barrett Wade
Editor: Rob Frenette

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