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Welcome to Michigan Acting’s Local Production Crew Directory

Are you a filmmaker or studio looking to film in Michigan? Search our database of production crew to find local Michigan talent. From camera and sound crew, to special effects and editing, find and hire your entire crew for your next Michigan based movie, film or commercial.

Michigan’s movie industry is rapidly expanding and filmmakers, studios and casting agents are in search of local talent. It’s not just actors and actresses that they are looking for. Many new career fields are opening up on the production end of things. Filmmakers and studios will need all sorts of job roles filled including, stuntmen, production assistants (PA), screenplay writers, set construction, personal stylists and more!

So if acting is not for you, but you still love the glamour of the movie and film business, then don’t wait another day. Start training, netwroking, and applying for as many jobs as you can, and don’t ever give up!

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