Yoshiko on the Dunes Crew Call – (Michigan)

“Yoshiko on the Dunes” is crewing up

This 30-minute, high definition short film will be shot in various locations around Michigan from September until December. This film will be produced by the University of Michigan Screen Arts students for the honors department as a senior honors thesis.

Previous experience in filmmaking is not required, as extra assistance will be needed in every area of film production: from crowd control to the camera department, help of any and all sorts will be needed.

Crew positions we are currently most interested in filling:

Assistant Director
Camera Operator
1st Assistant Camera Operator
2nd Assistant Camera Operator
Sound recordist
Boom Operator
Production Design Assistant 1 (costume focus) Production Design Assistant 2 (set focus) Script supervisor (continuity: action) Script supervisor (continuity: dialogue) Production Assistants (we will always be looking for more!)

We will also be looking for assistance in post production rolls

(December- April), including:
2nd editor
Media Transfer Specialist
Sound Design Assistant 1

Applicants should include a general schedule of availability and a short synopsis of previous experience and / or areas of interest; please email us at mi.lo.va.productions@gmail.com

Because this is a low-no budget film, pay will be limited to meals, transportation, and experience. We do, however, expect to enter the film into various film festivals upon its completion, and therefore, the experience (and exposure) could prove quite valuable, especially for those looking to enter into Michigan?s blooming film industry.

For more information about the film & it?s makers, please visit our production blog at http://yoshikoonthedunes.blogspot.com

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  1. Travis Russell says:

    My name is Travis, and I did gymnastics for 12 years, and MMA for 2 years. If any stunts are needed please contact me. I’m located just south of Detroit.

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