“The Sleeping Bear” Movie Needs Sound Mixer / Boom Op

Northern Michigan Feature Length Film

The Sleeping Bear Movie

Shooting: September 2010

I’m looking for a production sound mixer/ boom op for an upcoming feature film in (mostly) Northern Michigan. The film is extremely low budget, it’s actually no budget but I’ve been making commercials and documentaries for a little while now and understand the immense importance of sound. So, the one budgetary thing is a sound mixer/ boom op. But please be aware in advance this is not a union shoot, it’s a lot of passionate talented people coming together to make something big happen.

Almost the entire cast and crew of The Sleeping Bear met in film school or shortly thereafter, as interns and assistants in Los Angeles, New York, or Michigan. Our crew is comprised of over a dozen extremely talented young people in the film industry. Each person has their foot in the door in one department or another and hopes this film to be the springboard for more opportunities in the future. The only piece to the puzzle we’re missing is sound and I’m looking for someone to handle our sound needs and preferably is in a similar career situation as ourselves. We’re all flying in from either LA or New York to do the movie, however MI is my home and I wrote the script for specific MI locations.

We’re going to be on the move a lot and I think the best idea is to have someone who can work out of a bag like a ENG sound mixer. You must own your own gear. We’re going to be shooting mostly in Northern Michigan at a cabin (about half of the film takes place in or around the cabin). The cabin is going to double as our production office and sleeping accommodations.


Negotiable. How cheap can I have you for a month?


If this sounds like something you’re interested in or would just like to hear more information, please contact Richard Cameron White at white1RC@gmail.com.

I’ve worked on big union movies and am well aware the majority of industry professionals wouldn’t be interested in this at all. That’s why I’m looking for someone who’s like us and wants to be a part of great indie movie, get their feet wet, prove themselves on a feature, and have a unique experience.

For more information please visit: http://thesleepingbearmovie.com

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