Special Effects Master Needed for “The Devil of the Desert Sands”

Special Effects Master with Software & Equipment

“The Devil of the Desert Sands” is looking to add a special effects artist to our independent film. We seek a SFX savant with his/her own equipment who wishes to add a feature film credit. An imaginative and creative SFX artist can use this film as a showcase for his/her abilities in creating the gunshots, explosions and unique look of the title creature of this film. Our production team is based in Jackson, Michigan.


There is no pay and no expenses are being reimbursed, but this is the opportunity to build your resume with feature film credit and to create a SFX demo reel from the film.

How to Apply:

Those interested should e-mail to arrange an interview. Please e-mail the producer directly at: thedevilofthedesertsands@hotmail.com

NOTE: Please put “SFX with own software & equipment” in the subject line of your email.

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