“SMOKEHOUSE CURSE” Sound Crew & Art Director Needed

Crew Call for Low Budget Feature

Looking to hire both an art director and sound crew for the film, “SmokehouseCurse”. The art director is needed right away. Filming will take place in Almont, MI from April 8th – 25th and in East China, MI (Port Huron) from April 26th – May 28th. Workweeks will be 3 days each.


The “Smokehouse Curse” is a supernatural thriller about a jealous husband who suspects his wife of having a affair, so he moves from Detroit to California only too find out that his property is cursed by creatures called Wraiths… Evil spirits of revenge. The lead female (Shirley) has too fight off a jealous husband and evil spirits… She succeeds in both.


These are paid positions but we are on a low-budget for this film (150k-300k) so pay is low.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in applying for one of these positions please email James at: authorjfgarner@yahoo.com

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3 Responses to ““SMOKEHOUSE CURSE” Sound Crew & Art Director Needed”

  1. Walter Lee says:

    hey you can count me in as an actor to be in your film this spring coming up in 2011

  2. Vicki Collins says:

    If you should need a makeup artist, feel free to contact me.

  3. Jacquelyn Rochell says:

    Do you need an African-American female actress?

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