“Slash Fiction” Color Correction Needed (Ann Arbor, MI)

Local Film Editing Job

We are looking for for a grader who knows how to use Color (or a program of your choice) to do some color correction on a 20 minute Senior Thesis Film. This film will be screened at the Lightworks Film Festival in April, as well as the Senior Honors Film Showcase at the Michigan theater when completed. The film will also be entered in more festivals after that!

About the Film:

Slash Fiction is the story of a young librarian who is left feeling alone and out of place in her cookie cutter world. By taking the personalities of others, Penelope eventually finds her voice in what may seem to be an unexpected venue. Penelope lives in a very generic-looking universe.

Inspired by the film The Cook the Thief His Wife & Her Lover, a large part of the set and costumes will be made from scratch, and color-coded with the environment and mood of the scene.For example, my protagonist will be wearing a cream dress in the world of the library, but when she enters a pink room, the exact same dress will turn pink. This visual trick will be carried throughout the film, creating a motif of color-coding, which aims to illustrate the metaphor of the different personas people can take on in each stall or “ Internet forum.”

We are doing most of these effect in camera (we are building a pink bathroom stall and making the same dress in 4 different colors) so we are just looking for someone who can make the colors pop and look interesting.


Because it is a student film, we do not have a budget for you, but because it should be a very visually exciting film, and it could look great on your reel if we get it into as many festivals as we hope to.

How to Apply:

If you are interested please send you resume to: slashfictionfilm@gmail.com

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