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Crew Needed for Short Film

Duality Films

Duality Films is searching for crew for their upcoming short film “Print is Dead”. Principle photography is scheduled for May 26-27 in Jackson, MI.


“Print is Dead” is a short film about a famous writer, Distin, finds himself amid a scandal involving accusations made by his mentor, Professor Brown. When Distin confronts the Professor, he finds that it isn’t just his career that the Professor is out to destroy.

Available Crew Positions:

  • Sound Director: We have our own wireless mics. Must be able to bring a audio recorder, and if possible, a boom mic.
  • Lighting Director: We have lighting equipment, we just need someone to properly light each shot. If you’d like to bring extra lights, you are welcome to.
  • Wardrobe Coordinator: Making sure wardrobe is consistent from shoot to shoot.
  • Makeup Coordinator: No SFX needed, but need talent camera-ready and consistent makeup from shot to shot and day to day.
  • Assistant Director: AD is responsible for tracking takes and assisting in setting up each scene on the shot list.
  • Production Assistants: We need 5-10 assistants to help the directors and coordinators with their respective responsibilities.


These are not paid positions at this time. The application is in to make this a SAG-eligible shoot. If you are not SAG, this would be a good opportunity to gain access to the union if the application is approved. We will provide food, copy and credit for each day of shooting.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in applying please email your resume to: jason.smith@dualityfilms.net

NOTE: Please include the position you are applying for in the subject line of your email.

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