Jib Camera Crane and Operator Needed for Film (St. Clair Shores, Michigan)

Oakland County Film Production Jobs

We are a ragtag crew of filmmakers who share a passion for creative storytelling and independent cinema. Each month we produce a new episode of a dramatic series which airs in Oakland County. For our upcoming shoot we are seeking a jib/camera crane to make this episode extra special.

We have no budget, and all of us work for free, thus we cannot pay to rent this equipment. However, you are welcome to join the crew for this shoot and operate your equipment. You will also recieve a DVD copy and have the pleasure of knowing that your contribution will be seen by thousands of people.

If you’re interested in helping out, or are willing just to let us borrow the equipment, please call Matt at (586) 855-7336. Thanks.

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  1. Freon says:

    Have a lightweight counterweighted jib that can hold up to 6 lbs. From pivot to head is about eight feet. Nothing fancy, great for altitude.

    Let me know your dates and I’ll see what can happen.

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