Intern for a Movie – “Playback” Feature Film Interns (Grand Rapids, MI)

“Playback” Movie Interns Needed

Shudder Productions is looking for interns on the feature film “Playback”. We will begin principal photography on August 31 in Grand Rapids, MI. We are looking for candidates with full availability.


When a group of high school students dig into their town’s infamous past they unwittingly unlock an Evil that corrupts and destroys them. Possessing its victims through video playback and using them for malevolent purposes, it closes in on one specific soul, threatening to expose the town’s deepest, darkest secret.

We are looking for interns in the following departments:

  • Props
  • Art
  • Special Effects
  • AD
  • Costume
  • Grip and Electric
  • Locations
  • Craft Services


These internships are unpaid, but will offer great experience and look good on your resume.

How to Apply:

If you would like to be part of the Michigan film industry, and have fun working hard in an exciting atmosphere, please reply to

NOTE: Include your resume, and in the subject line, put the position you are applying for.

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  1. Davon Jordan Jr Brooks says:

    I would love to intern for this company there is nothing like learning your craft that you love to to. You may not get paid but trust me your drive to be successful will pay itself of. So I would honor the opportunity. Thanks

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