Hiring DP for a Short Film – BET “Lens on Talent” Competition (Monroe, MI)

Director of Photography Needed for “Lens on Talent” Competition

I’m doing a short romantic comedy for film festivals and for the BET “Lens On Talent” competition (although I am a white filmmaker).

The DP I work with often is booked with other gigs every weekend until after Halloween. One of my actors will be moving to L.A. at Halloween and due to my new job I can ONLY shoot weekends. This poses a problem.

Therefore, I am in need of a cameraman who’d like to DP. You must own your own HD camera (I’d actually LOVE to shoot with Canon’s 5D Mark II… I like the look of it’s footage, and have been interested in experimenting with it for narrative film, so bonus points if you have it, though any HD camera will do, really).

This is sadly, unpaid (it’s a short after all), though there will of course be food, and I may be able to come up with funds for the rental of your camera (though be kind as I’ll be paying for this out of pocket).

If interested, and willing to work for no pay with a possibility of low pay if I can swing it, e-mail me with 1) your resume, 2) your equip. list, 3) a reel, 4) your availability for September and October.


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