Director Needed for Talk Show Pilot (Detroit, MI)

Looking for Experienced Director

I am producing a one hour talk show pilot (actually it will be a 30 minute talk show and some additional footage of approximately 15 minutes). I have the concept, the format, the topic, the guests, the locations, and a camera crew ready. I am in need of a director who can take the concept and can create a show bible/beat sheet (or whatever you want to call it) to incorporate all the various components for creating the show. You will be in charge of creating the show and incorporating all ideas from me, the executive producer. The show will have no audience at this time however, your input would be valuable and acceptable if you feel otherwise.

The show will be taped in the western suburbs of metro Detroit and the dates and times for the shoot will be flexible. The locations are within a 12 mile radius and little if any driving around will be required. You MUST be experienced in directing a talk show. You will be working with a team of 4 at this time and are welcome to bring your own crew if you prefer.

About the Show:

Think “Oprah” meets “60 minutes” meets a “Reality Show” type of a talk show, but catering to the South Asian population in the US and worldwide. The show guests will include South Asians who will discuss real issues that are faced by the very conservative ethnic population from India in the US. The show will have a GLOBAL audience because every immigrated South Asian in any country faces the same challenges associated with cultural assimilation, lifestyle, identity, values, and more.


Compensation will be credit on IMDB, a copy of the show for your own portfolio, and a dinner for two gift certificate for a local restaurant. I will of course feed you during the shoot. You also will have the opportunity to direct the remaining 12 shows if we are successful in selling the pilot to a TV channel or to corporate sponsors. That will be a paid gig.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in applying, please email your resume, complete contact information and a demo reel if your have one to:

NOTE: Please apply ONLY if you are experienced. I cannot and will not respond to inquiries that do not contain contact information. I am in Metro Detroit and seek local directors but am open to discussing the opportunity with out of town directors. I however do not have a budget to pay for your travel, unfortunately.

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