Costume Designer Assistant for Non-Union Feature (Metro Detroit, MI)

Costume Assistant Needed!

Co-costume designer looking for a costume assistant to come work as many days as you would like on a non-union horror/comedy feature shooting in Detroit and the Michigan area. We will be staying in Utica and filming around Detroit from May 3-May 11. We will then move to Arcadia (4 hours away) and shoot in various surrounding locations until May 23.

There is no pay, but this is a GREAT opportunity to learn about the film process, have creative input, and have a credit on a film that will be distributed at Blockbuster and shown in LA theatres. You will be fed and meet a lot of people who are extremely well established in the film industry in LA.

If you haven’t worked on set: It’s 13 minimum hour days, any time of day/night, and requires a lot of activity. Looking for someone eager to learn, easy to work with, can take direction, won’t complain, and with a sense of humor.

Please send a resume/letter of intent and any related experience to

Thank you!

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