“CONCRETE” Movie Seeking Interns / PA’s (Detroit, MI)

TandB Films & Project Theatre Company Needs Intern

TandB Films

We are curently filming “Concrete” and need interns! No experience necessary just need someone who is reliable, and can help on set where needed. Great opportunity for anyone looking for experience as a PA on set.


Life! Where every move you make can potentially be your last. James, (Thomas L. Harris) has a lust for fast cars, fast money and even faster women. Dino (HenrĂ­ Franklin) is a savvy ambitious youngster who is torn between the game and being a legitimate business man. Being friends since childhood, they have found stability in hustling. A path filled with bigger scores, faster money and higher stakes. All seems to be right with the world until they are met with opposition from narcs, local drug-lords and a growing separation in vision. The two find themselves at a delicate stalemate. Project Theatre Company, in conjuction with TandB Films, presents to you a story built with promise, but destroyed by truth. As strong as it is, even CONCRETE cracks after so much pressure.


Experience on set and a great addition to your resume.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in applying as an intern for this movie please email your resume to Don Snipes at: projecttheatre@gmail.com

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