Camera Operator Job for Bowhunting Addiction TV (Lenox, MI)

Outdoor Television Show Camera Operator Job

BowHunting  Addiction TV

Looking for a sub-contractor camera operator for outdoor television show. You must be a reliable person. We are looking for someone to start asap. Dont apply if you cant fulfill the requirements below! We will supply all of the camera equipment to be used.

Job Requirements:

  • Drivers license
  • Camera operator experience
  • Some hunting experience(understand to sit quiet and not move)
  • Be willing to travel for next 60 days(Will be gone 30 consecutive days in a row)
  • Your own hunting gear(scent free clothes,gloves,etc)
  • Oh yeah,RELIABLE
  • Understand scent control(spraying down,showers,storing gear all with scent control products)
  • Passport(dont need right away)But must be able to get one in future


This position pays $450 per week. You must be willing to work first week at half pay,we need to see if you can handle rest of season. The reason we do this is because we get guys that say they know how to run a camera and they DONT! This is a great opportunity that can turn into a full time job for years to come. But you have to put your dues in to see if this is a lifestyle you can handle!

How to Apply:

If you are interested in applying for this position please send you resume to:

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  1. Dan Phillips says:

    sending resume,
    Looks like I may be your man !!!

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