“A Year in Mooring” – Michigan Crew Call for Feature Film

Film Crew Needed “A Year in Mooring”

Feature film seeking crew members for independent feature film shooting Nov. 16 – Dec 11.

Please include the position you are applying for in the subject line.

Send your resume to:


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2 Responses to ““A Year in Mooring” – Michigan Crew Call for Feature Film”

  1. Adam Pascoe says:

    I am very interested in sending you a resume. Can you please provide me with the following information;

    The Production company for “A Year in Mooring”


    The Name and Title of the person I should address my resume to.

  2. Warren D Bushey says:

    I have seven years experience In theatre set carpentry with a well known local arts academy If you have a need for this talent perhaps we could talk. My title was Master Theatre Carpenter and I have thirty-two various productions to my credit which include drama, musical and contemporary. Along with carpentry talents I also have good mechanical abilities. Could also be role player as a bit part actor. I think This all sounds interesting and would sincerly like to hear from you f W. D. Bushey

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