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Print Model Seeking Photographer for 1 Look for Portfolio

Friday, January 4th, 2013

Photographer Needed for 1 Day Shoot

I am a print model seeking a photographer to shoot one look for my portfolio. The shoot location will be in Southfield, MI. An exact shoot date can be discussed.

Available Positions:

  • Photographer: Must have own equipment


This is not a paid position. You will receive credit and this is a good way to build your portfolio also.

How to Apply:

This casting call is now closed. Thank you to everyone who applied.

Eightoneoh Films Crew Call for the Film “Fiction”

Tuesday, December 4th, 2012

Editor Needed for Short Film

Eightoneoh Films is looking for an editor for their short film entitled “Fiction.” The film is currently edited, but needs to be color corrected, and needs an opening title sequence. This is a non-union film.


“Fiction” is a short film about a young couple that are slowly figuring out the trials and tribulations that come with being in a relationship. When Cassidy and Liam’s relationship starts to go downhill, they both make a fiction of their own…burning the pages of truth and what was once in their wake.

Available Crew Positions:

  • Editor: Editor needed for color correction and opening title sequence


No pay, but credit and copy will be provided.

How to Apply:

If interested in applying, please e-mail your resume and reel (if possible) to:

“Forbidden and Unbreakable” Looking for Cast & Crew

Monday, November 26th, 2012

Online Auditions for Cast & Crew

“Forbidden and Unbreakable” is in need of cast and crew. Shooting is scheduled for June 2013 to June 2014 in various Metro Detroit locations. Auditions are being held online until December 31, 2012.


In the town of New Hope, there is something brewing in the sleepy town. A scientist named Brian E. Greyson is creating a creature which no one has deemed possible. As he puts the final touches on his labor, his lab is raided and the creature is let loose on the world. Forward about two months, the creature, now known by his scientfic name, HC 2.05, has joined up with some previus rejects from the Great Manzinni circus’ sideshow. They survive on their old art of entertaining people and the usual mischief. It’s here that the creature meets his love interest. She is Bethany Anne-Marie DeGraw, the daughter of the local attorney (Anthony DeGraw) of a powerful law firm, VYR Law. After this initial encounter, their lives will be forever intertwined. But, Bethany has a secret, more deadly than the boyfriend she has as she sees HC2.05. She is one of Dr. Greyson earlier, more successful experimentions. She has been trying to hide from that part of her past for the longest of time. She realizes in order for her to love her true love unconditionally, she must love herself first. HC2.05 (later on known as Winston Janis Royce) will help her do just that and in doing so uncover their true feelings for each other that, by it’s very nature, is Forbidden and Unbreakable.

Available Roles & Crew Positions:

  • For a list of available roles and crew positions view the PDF


DVD with CD soundtrack, script, supplied to you at rehearsals, dinner party and meals during shoots. Optional: Photo of Cast and Crew, T-Shirt, Hat and Movie Poster

How to Apply:

This casting call is now closed.

Sons of S Productions is Looking for Screenplay Submissions

Monday, November 19th, 2012

Michigan Feature Films, Short Films, Commercials and TV Series

Sons of S Productions is a film production company here in the area. We have a crew that directs and shoots Features, Shorts, Commercials, and TV Series. We are seeking new screenplay submissions that we can make come to life on screen. Sons of S Productions is looking for high concept material and ideas that are unique, unusual, and outrageous. The most popular subjects are Comedies, Romantic Comedies, Action Comedies, Drama, Thrillers, Action, Horror, Science Fiction, and Fantasy. We can also sign and fill out a Non-Disclosure Agreement if you would like. Please follow the submission guidelines below and we will get back with you, once we receive your materials.

Submitting a Screenplay:

Begin your pitch by introducing yourself and listing your qualifications, such as whether you’ve been optioned, sold, produced and/or if you’ve won or placed well in any writing competitions or screenwriting contests. If you haven’t won a screenplay contest, or don’t have any such credentials, just say you’re a “new writer.” People, in general, can be very hopeful about things that are “new”! It might also help your opening by adding a sincere sentence that in some way compliments the person or the company you’re pitching.

Next, include a paragraph that places your script in context by naming its genre and comparing it to a recent commercially successful film that is similar to yours in its content and/or tone. Additionally, you might also want to compare it to a classic film that is similar to yours in its content and/or tone.

Now it’s time to talk about your story. Here, keep things short and sweet by conveying the key elements of your plot as clearly and as concisely as possible. Introduce the main character, her dilemma and her goal, and then explain what she will have to accomplish to overcome her obstacles. Next, without giving away the ending, hint at how the story might be resolved.

Screenplay Guidelines:

When registering to pitch a project to industry executives at Sons of S Productions, you’re required to submit an original Title, Logline and Synopsis of the project, in addition to other elements of the project’s profile (subjects and themes) that may apply, which together creates a “Treatment”. Below are some basic definitions with a bit of guidance for each. This should provide some specific insight for understanding how a pitch should be communicated for each main genre. There are no set rules, but there are some essential practices that help bring your pitch to life on the page.

  • What’s A Treatment?: [def.- A detailed pitch or summary of a story, format, or concept for the purposes of selling to entertainment industry executives. Length and content varies by genre, but will always include a Logline and Synopsis.]
  • Title: A great title is the first thing to draw in a Producer, and ultimately the viewers. It should be clever and clear. Clever, in the way the Title is unique, ironic, compelling or funny. Clear, in the way it tells what it is we’re going to see. Stay away from creative titles that are so off-the-mark there’s no clue or even indirect suggestion as to what the movie or tv show is about. Simple is great. Simple and creative is even better.
  • Logline: What’s a Logline? A one or two sentence short pitch that gives the main objective of a story or concept, as well as any unique hook or twist. It does take talent to boil down your overall concept into a one-two punch for a great logline, so practice writing several until you hit on the right message that will hook a potential buyer’s interest in the project. Here’s a few approaches…
  • Logline for Screenplay or Movie Concept: Focus on the main character of the story and his or her agenda. You want to focus on the unique premise and circumstances that fuel the story.
  • Logline for Scripted TV Series: Its all about character and circumstances. Key on the main character’s unique circumstances and overall agenda through the series.experience or path in the story.
  • Synopsis for Screenplay or Movie Concept: This may be 1 to 7 pages, covering the major and critical plot points as they unfold in your screenplay or concept. If your story or concept is fully developed, specify Acts 1, 2 and 3 in your format. You’ll want to focus on writing a very compelling set-up and circumstances for the main character. Focus most of the synopsis’ writing on their journey, the conflicts and challenges they encounter, any unique twists of irony, and of course a climax or resolution that is compelling and unique. Be efficient and avoid too much expository writing. Every sentence needs to move the story forward, and every paragraph needs to enrich the plot and build quickly toward the third act and climax.
  • Synopsis for Scripted TV Series: This may be 2 to 5 pages. Focus on the main character, the world we’re discovering through them, and the circumstances of their life. Provide detailed character descriptions to illustrate their relationship dynamics. Detail a sample episode outline for the pilot (a few paragraphs), and perhaps a list of possible episode premises.

How to Apply:

Please email your submissions to:

“Modus Operandi” Web Series Casting Call

Monday, November 5th, 2012

Actors, Extras and Makeup Artist Needed

We are currently casting for a short scene for the web series “Modus Operandi” that will be used as a flashback in several of the episodes. This flashback is a scene from the hitman’s past that made him who he is today. Two of the characters will be needed for future episodes (specified below). Shooting is scheduled for Saturday, December 1st around Grand Blanc, MI.


The series focuses on a Alex, a hitman, as he goes through his typical MO until something from his past causes him to lose control.

Available Roles:

  • Lazaro: Male, late 20’s/30’s, someone high up in a mafia-like organization. Lazaro is someone confident, cunning, and an all around collected badass. This character will be needed in this flashback scene as well as a future episode. Must be physically fit as this character will have an intense fight sequence.
  • Jessica: Female, 20’s, Alex’s wife before he took up a life of being a hitman. She will be needed in multiple episodes. For the purposes of this flashback, she will be witnessing Alex getting beat down, so acting talent must be able to scream and cry.
  • Extras: 2 male extras (20’s or 30’s) are needed to serve as Lazaro’s aides. They will have minimal speaking and should look intimidating. These roles will only be needed for this flashback.

Available Crew Positions:

  • Makeup Artist: Need a makeup artist who can do effective blood, sweat, tears, bruising, and swelling. Alex’s face will be struck several times with a gun and should look pretty roughed up. There will be several closeups shot on the RED SCARLET-X, so the makeup must be accurate. If applying for makeup artist, please include images or links to any samples, preferably something with cuts/bruises/swelling.


Food and travel will be provided for all cast and crew. There will be no additional compensation for extras. There may be compensation for the actors playing Lazaro and Jessica depending on experience and qualifications. Makeup is extremely important for the power of this flashback, so we are looking for someone with the expertise to make it look good. We are willing to pay a date rate for a makeup artist based upon experience and abilities.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in applying, please email your headshot and resume to:

“Cooler Junkies” Casting & Crew Call

Wednesday, October 31st, 2012

Open Call for “Cooler Junkies”… A True Story

Open casting and crew call for the movie “Cooler Junkies”, a movie written by the late Mr. Chris Penn, (yes Sean’s brother.) about the Polish Mob from the mid- 1970’s. This movie will include a cameo by one of Hollywood’s A-listers. Casting now for Mid December — February shoot. Shooting will take place mostly in the Detroit area. This film will be submitted to Sundance. Look up our last film, at Sundance now, “The Killing of a Japanese Bookie”.

Available Roles:

  • Actors: Male and Female, any ages, open ethnicity. (Speaking roles and extras)

Available Crew Positions:

  • Videographers
  • Lighting
  • Set
  • Sound
  • Prop’s
  • PA


These are not paid roles or positions. Talent will receive credit on IMDb when the project is finished.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in applying, please email your headshot, full length shot and resume to Scott at:

NOTE: Your time on this film will also be credited to your SAG Card . Like all our film shoots, this movie will be a blast to be involved with! However, note to the weary, this is a true story about the real way the mob got things done in those days. BRUTALITY, BLOOD, BARS, BROTHELS, BABES, & BOMBS!

“Dog” Short Film Crew Call

Monday, October 29th, 2012

Non-Union Film Looking for Crew and Intern

Camera, boomer & sound mixer, gaffer, assistant director and intern needed for a short film. We are shooting “Dog” the mid of November in Novi, MI. This is a non-union film. 3 days shooting, depend on the role.  As of now 15th, 19th & 22th. The date may be changed.


“Dog” is a short film about a dog and a guy who abandons his dog. The guy has to leave his place and can’t keep his dog any more. He abandons his dog but the dog comes back to him and save him from a burglar. The guy realized the dog is not “pet” but his precious family.

Available Crew Positions:

  • Gaffer, Boomer & Sound Mixer
  • Director of Photography
  • Camera Operator
  • Production Assistant
  • Intern


Gaffer, Boomer & Sound Mixer: entry level position $75 (need pay-pal account to get paid). Food will be provided. You’ll get IMDB credit.
Director of Photography: ask
Assistant director, Camera Operator (Intern): no compensation but food will be provided. You’ll get IMDB credit.
Production Assistant (Intern): no compensation but food will be provided. You’ll get IMDB credit.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in the crew positions, please e-mail your resume to:

NOTE: Please include the position name in subject of the e-mail, also include equipment information, if you have. If you are interested in the DP/Camera operator position, please include a link to your reel, if you have one.

Editor Needed for “People Who Hurt”

Friday, October 26th, 2012

Crew Call – Independent Student Film Editor

Looking for an Editor for the independent student film “People Who Hurt”. We are still filming but only have 30 or so more scenes to shoot, so we would like to start editing what we already have.


The film is about a bi-racial teenage girl trying to belong and find her place within her family and society. She one day meets an older man who happens to be her dad’s friend from high school and the two start a romantic relationship.

Available Crew Positions:

  • Editor


This is an independent student film so there will be no compensation, but it will be great exposure as the film will be submitted to many film festivals, national and local, and we will also try to have a screening somewhere in the area.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in applying, please email your resume to:

URGENT! Post-Production Job for Colorist

Tuesday, October 16th, 2012

WhiteShore Films Crew Call

WhiteShore Films is looking for a colorist who will be able to color correct and color grade our 25 minute short film by Saturday, October 20th at 9:00 AM! This is for the short film, “The Taker”.

Available Crew Positions:

  • Colorist: We need someone’s help to complete our film and make it look beautiful by this Saturday morning at the latest.



We will be able to pay $50, plus some money after our premiere event on November 3rd, along with a free copy of the film, the credit, and a free ticket to the Premiere.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in applying, please email your resume and any links to samples of your work to Director Josiah Swanson at:

“Fiction” Short Film Casting & Crew Call

Wednesday, October 10th, 2012

DP, Sound Mixes and Actors Needed

Looking to fill two cast positions and a couple of crew positions for my next short film which is currently titled “Fiction.” We are shooting “Fiction” on November 15th 16th and 17th in Imlay City, MI. This is a non-union film.


“Fiction” is a short film about a young couple that are slowly figuring out the trials and tribulations that come with being in a relationship. When Cassidy and Liam’s relationship starts to go downhill, they both make a fiction of their own…burning the pages of truth and what was once in their wake.

Available Roles:

  • Cassidy: 18-22 years old, female, brunette, medium build. Those are the only specifications for her role. Although brunette is preferred, I am willing to work with you on the hair color.
  • Liam: 18-22 years old, male, any hair color, medium build.

Available Crew Positions:

  • Sound Mixer: Do not have to have your own equipment, but would be a plus.
  • Director of Photography/Camera Operator: Must have your own equipment including lenses, tripod, memory cards etc. Canon 60D or better preferred.


Food, Lodging, and Fuel is paid for by the producers.

How to Apply:

If interested in one of the Cast positions please e-mail your resume and headshots to:

NOTE: Please include character name in subject)

If interested in one of the crew positions please e-mail your resume to:

NOTE: Please include position in subject of the e-mail). If interested in the DP position please include a link to your reel if you have one.