“Zombie Apocalypse II” 2nd Auditions for Indie Film (Grand Rapids, MI)

Calling All Actors & Actresses!

Zombie Apocalypse II Auditions

Thank you to everyone who came to our first audition! It was a success!

We are holding a second set of auditions for our independant feature length horror/action film titled Zombie Apocalypse II.  The 2nd audition will be held in the Grand Rapids area.


At the end of civilization, zombies greatly outnumber people and every day is a fight to see tomorrow. Just when he is about to give up this fight, rugged wanderer John Knox winds up being saved by a ragtag group of survivors. Just as he is getting comfortable with his new family in the wasteland, a war party of maniacal raiders assaults the camp, and they kidnap Sarah – Knox’s love interest. It’s up to Knox and the few who escaped the attack to gather what resources they can and launch an all-or-nothing rescue mission on the raider’s home fortress.

Character Breakdowns:

  • SARAH (ages 18 – 30)
    A strong-willed and able-bodied woman who can more than hold her own out in the wastes. Sarah is caring, but cautious, and most definitely does not put up with anything from anybody. In the relative safety of the camp, she’s tasked with caring for Knox when he is brought to their camp near-dead. When she changed the bloody bandages of this mysterious drifter, she never expected she would end up falling in love with him.
  • ROBERT (ideal age -27)
    A seasoned scout, a crack shot, and a true professional. Before Knox drifted into his camp, Robert was the top dog. But he doesn’t trust the newcomer – and with good reason – he shows up in handcuffs! When they first meet they get along like oil and water, as their vastly different approaches to survival tend to clash. However, through their ordeals learn that they each have a role to play, and when played correctly, they make each other better.
  • MOSES (Ideal age – 64, ideal ethnicity – african american)
    The charismatic leader of the survivor camp is Moses. Before the infection he was a history teacher – now he’s a tough-as-nails fighter whose spirit and wisdom has kept his “family” alive through impossible odds. Cool, compassionate, and always on guard, his presence inspires confidence, but you have to earn his trust. He hasn’t kept the survivor group un-zombified for the last six months by being reckless, and he certainly isn’t going to put his people in jeopardy when a handcuffed Knox is brought into their compound one day.
  • LUCAS (ideal age – 21)
    Unexpectedly handy, the lovable Lucas is a tinkerer, a magician, and a friend. In the face of the end of the world, optimistic Lucas always manages to find a silver lining and a clever way out of almost any situation. While not the best in a firefight against a zombie horde, he can pick any lock he’s come across – and offers some well-needed sympathy in a bleak apocalyptic landscape.
  • DOC POTTER (ideal age – 55)
    Crotchety, overworked, and short with just about everybody, this veterinarian-turned-general practitioner has taken the impossible responsibility of caring for everybody’s health in the survivor camp. This means dealing with horrendous cases of infection, malnutrition, zombie bite inspections…and performing mercy killings. The constant flow of misery has taken its toll on the old man’s tolerance for funny business, but he knows what has to be done and is honorably dependable – even if you think he might hate your guts.
  • ROME (ideal age – 35)
    In the wasteland there are two types of people. There are the types of people who scrape by, keeping to themselves or forming small groups, living off what salvage they can find. Then, there are the types of people who kill, rape, and plunder…and Gordon Rome leads those people. A monster of a man, Rome rules a band of ruthless maniacs with an iron fist as he pillages what’s left of civilization and burns it up in ongoing hedonistic rampages. Quick to kill for exhibition, necessity, or amusement, he is an instrument of chaos with an army of dedicated followers ready to die at his command. He is one of the most powerful forces in the zombie wasteland. Certainly not somebody you would want hot on your heels.
  • MADDOX (ideal age – 25-35)
    One of Rome’s men, this mohawked murderer generally lived every day like there’s no tomorrow once the zombies showed up, but one fateful day he proved that he was still a human being in an act that ultimately changed the face of the wasteland forever. When Knox was a member of Rome’s raiders, he was smuggled out of their compound by Maddox after freeing several slaves – prisoners of Rome’s. If Knox was caught he knew he would be tortured and executed, but Maddox couldn’t stand by and do nothing. His selfless act may catch up to him down the road.

How to Apply:

For more info and If interested, please send a headshot, additional photo’s, resume and additional info such as height, weight age.. etc. Also, tell us about yourself and why you would be interested. Also any question you may have.

Email: abifilms@yahoo.com

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3 Responses to ““Zombie Apocalypse II” 2nd Auditions for Indie Film (Grand Rapids, MI)”

  1. David Millican says:

    I am an aspiring actor who has been to L.A. and signed by Actors Reps. Due to lifes circumstances I was unable to stay there. I am Currently living in Fort Wayne IN. where I bought a home and still pursuing every acting lead possible. I have loved horror films for as long as I can remember. I would give anything for someone to take that one chance on me to see if I have what it takes to become an a-list actor, and once I do get that chance I’ll give it everything I got 110% to make it happen.

  2. Brandon Maahs says:

    I’m a film composer – I wrote a majority of a score for an independent zombie film that fell through last week. I have a great zombie theme that I’d like to expand on a new project, so let me know if you need anyone to score this film!

  3. Brandon Rhodes says:

    I am really interested in playing a role in this movie. I love horror films, anything with Blood, Guts, Zombies. I have a great personality and am very easy to work with. If you would please messege me back. Thank you and have a Great Day!!

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