Zenisphere Films Casting Call for Short Film

Untitled Surreal Psycho-Drama Casting

Zenisphere Films

Casting an actress to play an angel of death for an untitled surreal psycho-drama film. This is a brief short film that will be shot in a single day in a single room. We are looking to shoot at the end of July in metro Detroit.


An old man reminiscing on a life of shame and guilt has a vivid dream that both terrifies and enlightens him.

This will be a hypnotic and darkly beautiful film with slow methodical shots and heavy atmospheric sound design with a soft enticing score. There will be no spoken dialogue as the short will be narrated exclusively by the old man.

Available Roles:

  • Angel of Death: An attractive mid-late twenties young woman with a glowing smile and strong feminine features. Models also welcome, no experience necessary, but a professional attitude is mandatory. The ability to emote with strong facial expressions is an absolute must.

NOTE: The old man has already been cast.


Travel, meals, exposure. Zenisphere Films is an incredibly strong up and coming indie film studio. We have been getting a lot of very positive press and submitting to several film festivals. Zenisphere is a spectacular vehicle for new actors just starting out.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in applying please email your resume and headshot to: zenispherefilms@yahoo.com

NOTE: A formal audition will not be necessary as it’s your look that is most important. Phone interview or video auditions highly encouraged.

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