“Yoshiko on the Dunes” Casting for Short Film – University of Michigan (Ann Arbor, MI)

Yoshiko on the Dunes

A University of Michigan SAC honors thesis project being shot this fall, is seeking actors & actresses.

The film centers on a young woman, Yoshiko Imamura, an aspiring artist who gives up her dreams to appease the wishes of her conservative parents. On the way to her wedding, however, cataclysmic events leave her stranded in the middle of a desert where she encounters death itself and must prove that her life has had meaning.


Yoshiko Imamura [early-mid 20s, Female, Asian. Title roll. Yoshiko is the young artist and protagonist of our story.]

Death [Open (male/female, any age), approximately 6’. Main, speaking. Death is the sexless embodiment of death itself.]

Ryan Uemoto [early-mid 20s, Male, Asian. Main, speaking. Ryan is the boyfriend of Yoshiko, who has come with her to Detroit and is working as an unpaid intern at a restructuring firm.]

Tsujiei Yarutojo [early-mid 20s, male, Asian. Main, speaking. Tsujiei is Yoshiko’s best friend and an independent entrepreneur and clothes designer.]

Justin Ferraro [20s-30s, male. Supporting, speaking. Justin is the director of the ‘Detroit Modern Arts Gallery’ & who helps Yoshiko become an established artist.]

Minako Imamura [Late 50s-early 60s, female, Asian. Supporting, speaking. Minako is Yoshiko’s mother who wants Yoshiko to move back home, marry and start a family.]

Jinei Imamura [early 20s, male, Asian. Minor, Speaking.]

News Reporter [open type. Minor, Speaking. Should have experience with voice acting.]

Limousine Driver [40s-50s, male. Minor, Speaking]

Party-Goers [open]

Art Gallery Goers [open]

We will be holding auditions on the 9th of September at the University of Michigan (Ann Arbor) Angell Hall room G127 from 6pm-10pm; if you are interested/ have questions, please send an inquiry to mi.lo.va.productions@gmail.com

Because this is a low-no budget film, pay will be limited to meals, transportation, and experience. We do, however, expect to enter the film into various film festivals upon its completion, and therefore, the experience (and exposure) could prove quite valuable, especially for those looking to enter into Michigan’s blooming film industry.

If you’d like to find out more about the film & its makers, please visit our production blog at yoshikoonthedunes.blogspot.com

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