Casting Asian Actress for Supporting Role in “Yoshiko on the Dunes” (Ann Arbor, MI)

“Yoshiko on the Dunes”

Yoshiko on the Dunes, a University of Michigan SAC honors thesis short film is casting for one last roll.
We are currently looking for Asian women, ages 30+, for this primary supporting roll.

The story centers on Yoshiko, a young Japanese American woman who is trying to strike out on her own as an artist in Detroit, despite her conservative parents wishes for her. When her father dies, Yoshiko is compelled to capitulate; however on the way to her wedding, Yoshiko is stranded in a desert by catastrophic events and must prove to death itself the value of her life.

Currently, we have cast most of the parts and have begun production, however we are still seeking one final main character: that of Yoshiko’s mother, Minako.

Brief synopsis of the story:

After a cataclysmic event, Yoshiko Imamura is stranded in the middle of a vast desert where she encounters Death, who requests that she prove the value of her life. A baffled Yoshiko describes to Death how, during the six months leading up to her current situation, she had been an artist and had given it up after her father’s death to comply with her family’s more conservative hopes for her future. Death reveals that had she not done what her parents requested, her art (and by extension Yoshiko herself) would have saved the world from the apocalypse. Death offers Yoshiko the chance to travel back through time, as a way to trick her into consenting to let Death take her soul and the film ends with Yoshiko’s death: Yoshiko now being contented with her final decision and the life she has led.

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If you would like more information about the film’s story or production please visit the film’s blog at

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