WSU Student Film Casting Soon (Detroit, Michigan)

Casting Call for Short Film

I am currently in pre-production for a short film that I will be producing for Wayne State University and will be holding a casting call in the next few weeks. If interested, please forward any info, headshots, reels, etc to All actors will be given credit, copy, and meals on set. It will be alot of fun and great for actors looking to build resumes or practice their skills!

Untitled Short Film

Rachel finds herself at a crossroads in life. She can either move on or she can continue to succumb to the crippling grief she is feeling because of her girlfriend’s sudden death. Living with Tasha’s close-minded and sometimes hateful mother, Roberta, Rachel continues to latch on to the objects around her. With the help of a close friend, Rachel realizes that letting go is sometimes the only option.

Character Roles:

Rachel – Early 20’s white female. She is grieving for the loss of her girlfriend Tasha. She doesn’t want to let go and believes that staying at Tasha’s house will make allow her to remain close. She is often stubborn and has a hard time sympathizing for other people’s pain. She can’t understand why Roberta hates her.

Roberta – early 40’s to late 50’s African American female. She has recently lost her only daughter. She is a strong minded woman and often let’s her stubborness take hold of her actions. She is somewhat religious and conservative. She was in denial about her daughter’s sexuality when she was alive and continues to live with the guilt of not fully accepting her. She hates Rachel and blames her for her daughter’s way of life.

Tasha – Early 20s African American female. Tasha only appears in photographs and in a dream. She is a beautiful and kind person. When alive, saw the beauty in all things around her. Loved her mother and wanted to help her despite their differences.

Anita – Late 20s – Late 30s female. She is like Rachel’s older sister. She is kind and caring, but cannot fully understand what Rachel is going through. Tries to offer support.

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