“Working Slippers” Casting for Student Film

Auditions for a Variety of Roles

Compass College of Cinematic Arts

Casting actors and actresses for the short film, “Working Slippers”. Shooting is scheduled for March 22, 2013 – March 24, 2013.


Howard, a working man in his 30’s, has been trying to advance himself at the office and finally he has the opportunity to give a big presentation to the company’s board tomorrow. However, when his Department Manager, Steve, pulls Howard from this presentation and passes it off to Karl, a suave new co-worker, what could have been Howard’s big break is gone. On the day of the meeting everything goes wrong for Howard and, quite accidentally, he wears his beloved slippers to work! When ill-prepared Karl bungles the presentation, Howard steps up to save him but Howard’s slippers are the last straw for Steve! Howard has to make the decision to walk away from his job. But before Howard can leave, the Vice President, joins this quirky rebellion and offers a newly opened management position to Howard, fulfilling his wish to move forward in the company, on one condition: the slippers must stay!

Audition Details:

January 28 & 29, and February 1, 2013 from 3:00pm to 8:30pm

Compass College of Cinematic Arts
45 Sheldon Blvd SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49504

Available Roles:

  • Howard: (Lead) Male, Mid-Late 30’s. A man with a great love for his slippers, but who hasn’t been able to move ahead in the office for years. Could stepping up and standing out change that for Howard?
  • Steve: (Lead Supporting) Male, 30-40’s. With an overbearing personality, what better way to carry out your will except through using the company’s obscure and possibly outdated standards? Steve’s a pro.
  • Karl: (Supporting) Male, Early-Mid 20’s. A fresh from university with an MBA, Karl’s very suave but can’t handle tongue twisters.
  • Intern Amy: (Small Supporting) Female, Early-Mid 20’s. Just trying to survive this internship so she can graduate. Her dry humor helps.
  • Vice President: (Small Supporting) Male, 40-50’s. Hardened businessman who recognized that quirks, like a passion for rubik’s cubes, can make or break the creative bank for his company.


  • Board Members (4-5)
  • 3 Office Personnel
  • Feminist Secretary
  • Underwhelming Weekend Golfer
  • Euchre Fanatic


These are not paid roles. This is a student film being shot by the students of Compass College of Cinematic Arts in Grand Rapids, MI and the roles in their entirety are unpaid, however craft services will be provided during all three of the shoot days.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in applying, please just attend the audition. For any questions, please email them to: brandon.tarleton@compass.edu

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