“Wonderer” Casting Call for Extras & Actors (Birmingham, MI)

Extras, Lead & Supporting Roles Casting

“WONDERER” – Fragile Studios – Birmingham, MI

My name is Brandon Philips, from Fragile Studios in Birmingham, we have set up a production and will be entering the “Teaser Film Contest” of the Toronto Film Festival of 2010. We are preparing for a non-union short film and this will be a teaser trailer for what we have planned and will be based on Japanese swordsman, the samurai, we are planning to shoot the film sometime in October. We are currently scouting for location at the moment, and we are also looking for actors to portray the samurai that we have in our story.

About the Film:

The story is based on two wondering samurai named Yoshimitsu, wondering Japan to find a great way to die and get rid of his sins in his past, and Yukio, a muddy and dirt covered women who claim to be samurai also follows Yoshimitsu around. As they wonder around some woody part they are confronted by a band of thieves, who try to fight them and steal their money.

We have a great short story that we plan to enter it into the Toronto film festival’s teaser competition this year. This is a great way to get exposer and get experience, thousands of celebrities flock to this festival every year.

We have wardrobe all set this includes samurai armor, kimonos, stage swords and matchlock guns, including equipment and investors just waiting to get a part of the action. We will do a double scene take, one scene speaking English and one scene speaking Japanese, if you as an actor do not speak Japanese, we will help you with speaking line per line and one line at a time per scene.

Available Roles:

We have no actors/actress on our list so far, so we are looking for actors to portray them. We are only looking for ASIAN actors and actress. All characters in this film will be of Asian Origin.

Yoshimitsu (Age range 18 – 25) Yoshimitsu is the main character, his looks are devilish and mean yet he has a calm and kind heart. He has killed many people during the war, and so to rid of his sins and the memories of the faces he had stained within his soul he tries to get killed himself but have honor upon his death. He is an expert of the sword and always calm even when he fights, Yoshimitsu is your typical samurai that you see always calm and quiet but deadly if messed with.

Yukio (Age range 18 – 25) She is a dirty and muddy girl who claims to be samurai, carrying only a wazikashi with her. She travels with Yoshimitsu and talks a lot, this sometimes annoy Yoshimitsu and he would always tell her to shut up. She is always cracking up jokes and telling Yoshimitsu stories that he totally ignores.

Goro (Age range 30 – 40) Goro is the leader of the thieves, he carries only a small blade. He is small and short, wearing only a torn kimono and a black samurai pants. He also has a evil look to him that sometimes throw him out of the crowd.

Yukimura (Age range 20 – 30) Goro’s right hand man, he is somewhat of a clown and is the story’s main comedy relief. He cracks up jokes but nobody finds them funny in any way.

Kiyomori (Age range 18 – 25) The top gun in the story, a swordsman who rivals Yoshimitsu and singles him out to a duel, Kiyomori is a handsome young man, great talker and flashy with the ladies. He was a criminal wanted for the slaughter of a whole village.

Tanaka (Age range 18 – 25) She is a young thief who has stolen from the richest of riches, he is somewhat of a ninja and flexible to avoid attention especially if she wants to steal. Apart from her thievery, she is considered a very beautiful girl in which attracts her to the rich guys, then she kills them and steal all of their money.

Shiro (Age range 20 – 30) Shiro is a fat, out of shape and has no swordsmanship talent at all, even though he tries. He fights for about seconds before resting and eating on a rice ball. He likes to drink and flirt with women.

Lord Takeyoshi (Age 20 – 30) Captain of the Shinsengumi (Tokugawa Police), he notices Yoshimitsu and comes to his aid, in reality he wants to fight Yoshimitsu, not to the death and wants to be Yoshimitsu’s friend.

Takeda Nishikiyama (Age 20 – 30) The elder son of the Takeda Clan, a southern samurai family currently battling with the domain’s family branch, he notices Yoshimitsu and comes to challenge him no matter the current situation.

Extras Casting:

We will also need Asian extras of any age (18 years or older) to play as extras for both the Takeda Army and Shinsengumi Police forces. We have concluded that we will need at least 50 extras, 20 for the Shinsengumi and 30 for the Takeda Forces.

Extras Compensation:

As Toronto Film Festival Rules, we must set up our production professionally so Extras are paid $90 for the day of work. You must provide your own transportation.

Lead Role Compensation:

We will pay $4,500 as compensation per actor; we will also provide hotel and transportation to set. Compensation will only paid in half if the actor / actress is has no knowledge of Japanese sword fighting.

How to Apply:

Please send headshot and resume to: Brandon.philips@rocketmail.com

NOTE: Please include a headshot of only your face and shoulders and mark it “I.D”, if you are chosen for a role we will make you an I.D Card that must be carried at all times on-set (except while filming). This is from our own budget and will not be taken from your pay.

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  1. Tony N says:

    Just a quick question – shouldn’t it be “WAnderer” and not “Wonderer”?

  2. Elena says:

    How about caucasian extras for this film?

  3. Thanh Hoang says:

    This looks very interesting. I would love to try to read for some parts preferably kiyomori. Email me and let me know where to audition.

  4. Jaz grewal says:

    I far is the film in production, at this time. I am of Asian orgin, and have studied about the samurai for years. And had instructions in iado. Was wandering what stage the production is i?

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