“Why Do Men Cheat The Movie” Casting Call – (Lahrup Village, MI)

Online Casting Call

“Why Do Men Cheat The Movie” is currently holding an online casting call. We are looking for everything from extras to lead actors to supporting actors. Ken Baker Jr is directing this amazing independent docudrama which takes an honest look at why men cheat.The film combines both personal commentary of both men and women with some dramatic enactments of real life scenarios. Shooting for the film will begin in FEBRUARY.

“Why Do Men Cheat The Movie”


We are looking for men and women who look to be between the ages of 25-40. Character breakdown on the web or by request. Please submit your headshot, resume and demo reel to:


or mail to:

Att: WDMC? The Movie Casting
28840 Southfield Rd. Suite 140
Lahrup Village 48076

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2 Responses to ““Why Do Men Cheat The Movie” Casting Call – (Lahrup Village, MI)”

  1. Danielle Gibson says:

    I’m an upcoming model,artist,and actress From Louisiana.I’m currently working on my own site. So others will have an opportunity to see me express my creativeness and raw talents. I look forward to meeting with some of the industries finess throughout my career as an entertainer. Thank you! And please keep in touch. 225-205-0424

  2. selena boykins says:

    I am an artist/comedian/actress. I have not had the oppurtunity to AUDITION for any movie and/or television show. I have always acted in front of a crowd in my hometown, but never professionally. I feel I would do very well as playing one of the characters for “Why Do Men Cheat.” I have learned Men. Throughout my life I have been lied to , cheated on & tricked by Men. I have become very good at investigating a mans behavior when he has been doing things he are not suppose to. Because of it, I have learned how to be a good liar. I am not a compulsive liar..but a really good one. I can make anything appear to be believable at all times. I am from Rochester, NY & I can look to be at least 37 years old. I am very funny but can also be very serious. I would finally like to have a chance to show SOMEONE how multi-talented I really am. Honestly, I would be a great asset to this film. I can be contacted @ selena.boykins@radiologix.com. Thank You in advance…and i was not kidding about being a good liar!

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