“What We Lack” Casting Elderly Actors for Short Film

University of Michigan Museum of Art (UMMA) Auditions

University of Michigan Museum of Art is seeking two actors to play an elderly married couple. Race and physical type is open. Improvisation skills needed for very naturalistic acting. A sense of humor is valuable! This short film is for the non-profit art museum and will be on permanent exhibit both inside the museum and online on their website. Shooting would probably take a total of 8 hours maximum split over two days (4 hours a day). Shooting of short film s tentatively scheduled January 13-14 or January 20-21 depending on schedules. It will be very cold outside since it is January, so heavy winter wear will be required of the actor. The actors are expected to provide their own wardrobe after meeting with the director and going through options. The short film will only run 3-4 minutes.


An elderly couple is visiting the art museum in Ann Arbor at the university. The husband gently escorts his wife to view different art objects, and the scene continues outside in front of the museum for a moment.

Available Roles:

  • Woman: Wife, appears 60-70, who is suffering from slight dementia from the onset of Alzheimer’s. (The woman is required to climb up in a swinglike structure that is part of an outdoor sculpture and try to swing in almost childlike abandon, so please be able to create that kind of physical action.)
  • Man: Husband, appears 60-70, who is gently dealing with and caring for his wife.


Since this is a non profit production, and not a SAG production, actors will be paid only $50 to cover rehearsals and shooting. Travel costs will be compensated, and meals will be provided if needed.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in applying, please email your headshot and resume to: sharadkantpatel@gmail.com

NOTE: Auditions will be a cold reading from the script. Auditions will be scheduled upon contact through email. Submission deadline to apply is 1/11/13.

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