“What Might Have Been” Short Film Casting Call

Project [N] ReSource Films Casting Call

Project [N] ReSource Films

“What Might Have Been” is a short film (approximately 10-12 minutes) that follows Owen Carlyle, the young owner of a local book store, as he makes decisions that will impact his life forever. This film will be submitted to festivals and will provide IMDB credit. Casting is now underway.  Shooting will take place in the Jackson, MI area.

Available Roles:

  • Owen: Owen is a young man in his early twenties. After inheriting his late father’s bookstore, he dedicated his time and effort to trying to carry on the family business and keep his father’s name alive, even though he finds his happiness elsewhere.
  • Marie: Marie is a woman around Owen’s age, she used to go to high school with Owen years ago. At the book store, they run into each other again. Marie is a beautiful young woman who can’t be judged by her cover. She has a kind and compassionate soul, and generally likes connecting with people on an emotional level.
  • Lisa: Lisa is a mother who just lost her daughter. Though she is never seen on screen, she has a very important phone conversation with Owen that significantly changes his life and how he views the world.
  • Owen’s Mother: Owen’s Mother is a woman in her forties or fifties. She’s a very apathetic and selfish woman, at least when it comes to Owen. She views it as his job and his alone to run the family business, while she continues to leech off of what little money he brings in.


These are not paid roles. This film will be submitted to festivals and will provide IMDB credit.

How to Apply:

All those interested, please send an email to: tommy@projectnresource.com

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