Camera Operator and Film Crew Needed for Reality Show (Detroit, MI)

Camera Person and Post-Editing Job

Reality show that will be on Para-X Vision needs a camera person with their own camera to film some episodes in the next month. We will also need someone who knows post-editing, film/tv students are great if you want the experience.

Here’s the deal, we have a reality show idea that almost made it into production with a main reality show company, we needed all six board members to agree, only four did, other two thought it better to hold off for now. We have a deal with Para-X Vision, which is an internet TV station that wants to play the show in a more scaled down version, plus this will get sizzle reel for the big boys to see. We have the idea, we have the talent but we don’t have the crew.

There’s no compensation for the moment, except meals while filming, BUT all we need is a few episodes and if it gets picked up there will be something down the road. It’s a start up project and we just want to get something recorded to see where it goes. If you’re interested, we would love to here from you.


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