Wayne State University Casting Calls – WSU Casting Calls (Detroit, MI)

CALLING ALL ACTORS! Casting for over 20 short films!,

Auditions, Saturday Feb. 20th from 2 pm-6pm

If you have resumes and headshots, bring them. However, they are not required. You DO NOT have to be a Wayne State Student to audition. We have roles for children- adults. All backgrounds.The audition is a cold read; drop in whenever you can. Scripts are available at audition…you don’t have to register ahead or prepare anything in advance. A full list of all the roles is available in the event page as well as the group page in the discussion section. “Wayne State University Film Auditions”

Auditions will be at Wayne State University in the Old Main Building.
The basement, room 134
Below is a link to The Old Main Building
4841 Cass Ave.
Detroit, Mi 48201

WSU Campus Map 

Hope to see you there!

~Kim Rice

P.S. Can’t make it this day… our next audition date is Friday, Feb 26th from 6-9 pm. Same place.

For questions please email: waynecastingcall@gmail.com

Politics as Usual

Director: Jacob Black
Film Title: Politics as Usual
Politics As Usual is the story of Jack and Cynthia Daniels tumultuous relationship. They have a perfect life together until Jacks focus on Politics overtake his attention and Cynthia gets the short end of the stick. Cynthia, a very vulnerable and dependent wife to Jack, is driven to Alcoholism, Rx drugs, and constant flashes of depression, when her hopes for a wholesome family life begin to turn towards a life of loneliness, disappointment and heartache.


Jack Daniels- Jack is a middle aged Caucasian man. He is heavy built and average height, about 6’1”. Jack is a lawyer who is gearing up to take on his life long dream in a life of politics. His iner goal is to please his wife in any and every way he knows how.

Cynthia Daniels- Cynthia is a college drop-out who works as a part time legal aide. She very much wants to start a family and be one big happy family but she does not want to lose her husband to the world of politics.

Marjorie Daniels (Jack’s Mother)

Joshua Nelson (Friend of Jack)

Angela Lopez (Maid, Cook)

A Guy, A Chick, and A Bank

Director: L. Kurt Piekarski
Film Title: A Guy, A Chick, and A Bank
A Guy, A Chick and a Bank is a dark comedy about a bank heist with an unexpected twist. AS a last ditch effort to save his fingers from being smashed in by loan shark cronies, Devon Hammond decides to rob a bank. His plan of action is thrown for a loop when he discovers mid-robbery that his ex-girlfriend is the bank teller. After a botched kidnapping attempt, Devon holes up in the bank with hostages inside and an overzealous detective outside.


Devon Hammond: Devon is a Caucasian male in his early 30’s. He is about 6’2” and his questionable grooming habits are overshadowed by his handsome looks. In a desperate attempt to pay back a loan shark, he decides to rob a bank. Devon is confident but his desperation has clouded his judgment.

Samantha Galanos: Samantha is a Caucasian female with Mediterranean features. Samantha is Devon’s ex-girlfriend from years before and to Devon’s surprise, she works as a teller at the bank that he holds up. She has dark hair, slightly olive-toned skin, and green eyes. She is bored to death at her job so the robbery turns out to be quite exciting to her.

Detective Hallagan: Detective Hallagan is a Caucasian male in his early 40’s. He arrives at the scene of the crime while Devon holds people hostage inside. Hallagan is overzealous and his main goal is to let the robbery and ensuing police involvement be the springboard for local fame. He is a 70’s cop show wannabe.

Old Man:  The Old Man is a patron inside the bank when Devon busts in. He is a Caucasian male in his late 70’s. His crotchety demeanor and grumpy attitude serve to be a thorn in Devon’s side. Being slightly senile, he is initially fearful but grows resistant and angry as the situation escalates.

The Girl: The Girl is an African American female in her early twenties. She has an afro hairstyle and wears colorful clothing. Her normally spunky and happy-go-lucky demeanor is dashed when the robbery occurs as she faints from the sight of gums. As the robbery occurs, she is extremely fearful but her attitude evolves to one of indignity and teenage attitude.


Director: Erica A. Watson
Film Title: Brothers
Fourteen year old, Jamaal Edwards has become completely dependent on his older brother, Shakir, after their father was killed while serving in Iraq. But when Shakir embarks on his second tour in Iraq, he is forced to become the man that his father wanted him to be.


1. Shakir Edwards, attractive African American male in his early twenties, serving in the United States Air Force. He was captain of his high school basketball team, and has a reputation for being a great player in his neighborhood. After his father was killed while serving in Iraq, he has had to assume responsibility for his mother and 14 year old brother. Now, he is torn between his obligation to the U.S. Air Force, as he embarks on his second tour in Iraq, and being present for his brother. His decision inevitably propels his brother into independence.

2. Jamaal Edwards, 14 year old, African American male with dreams of playing in the NBA. After his father was killed while serving in Iraq, he has become completely dependent on his older brother. But Jamaal’s world shifts when he learns that his brother is embarking on a second tour in Iraq. Afraid of becoming a man, he is determined to make his brother stay…by any means necessary.

3. Gladys Edwards, attractive middle aged African American mother, who lost her husband as a result of the war in Iraq. Now she is raising her troubled 14 year old son, with the help of help of his older brother, who is serving in the U.S. Air Force.

Unhappily Married

Director: Colin Ulman
Film Title: Unhappily Married
This is a story about a woman searching for her husbands love. Her husband no longer does and has taken advantage of her low self esteem. The woman’s grandmother subtlety tries to keep the woman from getting too upset because of her old tie values. The woman’s daughter is quite the opposite and wishes nothing more than her mother to leave her father. In The end, blind love will turn to a clear vision of hate.


Tricia- Tricia is the protagonist of this story. She is a white woman in her 40’s. Average to good-looking. Tricia is married to Jim and has given him three children, she has low self esteem and is very needy.

Jim- Jim is the antagonist. He is a white male in his 40’s and has been married to Tricia for 22 years. Jim is in good physical shape, well groomed and clean shaven. Jim is somewhat of a jerk, he has recently accepted his sexuality yet continues to hide it.

Mary- She is an early 20’s white girl and is good-looking. Mary is Jim and Tricia’s oldest child. She is a student at Wayne State University; she is very intelligent, very confident, and very opinionated.

Grandma- Grandma is an 80 year old white woman. She is an Irish, Catholic widow. She is smart yet reserved for the most part. She has strong opinions that she tends to keep to herself unless asked. Grandma is insightful.

Luke- He is white a white baby boy, the youngest of Jim and Tricia’s three children. He is in the most of the scenes.


J.J.-J.J. is a white 14 year old male. He is the middle child of Jim and Tricia. J.J. is your typical sarcastic, smart ass, teenage boy.
Supermarket Mom- She is an African American woman and a mother of two boys. She is in her mid-30’s.
Supermarket boy one- 5 year old African American boy.
Supermarket boy two- 7 year old African American boy.
Streaker- 18 year old white male, who runs naked through a supermarket.
Cop one- 30 year old African American male.
Cop two- 30 year old White male.

House of Blues

Director: Shannon Montgomery
Film Title: House of Blues
In a failing Detroit economy, the owner of a local bar, House of Blues, decides to close down. This leaves his house band without work, and the bass player, Benny, without a source of income. He struggles to find another career in music while his fiancée, Ashley, wants him to get a more stable job to save money for their wedding. Benny, however, isn’t ready to give up.


Benny- Benny is a tall Caucasian male in his late 20s/early 30s of a heavier stature. HE is very passionate about his life, particularly about playing music. He has been playing stand-up bass at a local bar for the past few years, but now that the bar is closing, he isn’t prepared to give up his music career. His drive for musical success has been a point of conflict in his relationship for some time now. Benny is the main character in the script.

Ashley- Ashley is a short, Caucasian female in her early to mid 20s. She has a strong work ethic, and ends up working long and late shifts to make money. She would like to complete her college education, but needs her finances in order first. She is engaged to Benny, and while she loves his passion for music, she would like him to get a more stable career so they can start a family in the near future. Ashley is the supporting actress in the script.

Rodney- Rodney us a thin young man in his early 20s, medium height. He has been pursuing a career as a professional musician for the past few years, but now has decided to go to college, at the request of his parents. He is the drummer in Benny’s blues band and doesn’t want to completely abandon the band, even though he would not be available full time.

Steve- Steve is an African American man in his late 30s. He is a blues guitarist and singer, and has devoted his life to his music. However, he puts his wife’s wishes ahead of his, and is willing to give up music to take a more regular job once the House of Blues closes.

Dave- Dave is an Italian man in his early 60s. He is vey loud and outgoing, and cares deeply for those who are loyal to him. He has devoted his career to owning a bar, but in the failing Detroit economy has decided to retire early.

Brian- Brian is the piano player and head of the local jazz band. He is a tall, thin, Caucasian male in his late 40s. He holds his band up to the highest standards, and wants only the best musicians to play with him regularly.

Jeff- Jeff is the owner of a restaurant in his late 40s. His restaurant is more successful than others in the area, but he still has to put his own money into the business to keep it going. He is very passionate about music and is always coming up with new ideas to get live music in his bar.

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