“The Wars of Other Men” Casting Call for War Movie (Royal Oak, MI)

TO BE FILMED IN DETROIT – “The Wars of Other Men”

Paradise Valley Media is gearing up for its latest production — “The Wars of Other Men,” a short, alternate history war film set in a World War I-like time period — and we’d like to welcome the film community to participate in auditions.

This is the latest short by the production team behind “The Message,” “A Little Knowledge,” “The Cemetery Precincts,” and “InZer0.” It is scheduled to shoot in Detroit over two weekends (4/30-5/2 and 5/7-5/9). It will be directed by Mike Zawacki.


Saturday, February 27, 2010 6 p.m. – 9 p.m.
Sunday, February 28, 2010 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Wednesday, March 3, 2010 6 p.m. – 9 p.m.

Auditions will be scheduled by the hour. Each actor will receive approximately 6 minutes of audition time. Exact times will be provided when approved for audition. Please include a day and time preference in your e-mail.


– Lieutenant (male, 30s+, leading role, speaking role) A loyal commander and good soldier, but weary of war. Actor will be asked to smoke cigarettes on camera. Role requires wielding a rifle and pistol. Actor must knife a guard in the throat.
– Corporal McCrae (male, 20s+, speaking role) Lt.’s right hand man, sense of humor, opens dying soldier’s coat to find bloody wound.
– Private Kirkpatrick (male, 18+, speaking role) dies in tunnel from gas (convulsions, thrashing, frothing at the mouth may be required). Actor must not be allergic to latex for special effects makeup.
– Private Eiger (male, 20s+, speaking role) Unsure, nervous, seeks the guidance of his more experienced comrades.
– Private Cavanaugh (female, 20s-30s, speaking role) A tough, capable soldier who is always ready to take orders. Shoots a rifle on camera sniper-style.

Soldiers will wear masks and full battle gear, carry prop rifles, run through battle worn streets and buildings, and take up sniper positions atop a Detroit rooftop. Actors may be asked to get a haircut for role.

High Ranking Officers
– Captain John Dougherty (male, 40s+, speaking role) Matter-of-fact leader. His view of warfare is emotionless and very black and white.
– Lieutenant Colonel Genevieve Farben (female, 30s+, speaking role) Tough, ruthless military intelligence officer, very little regard for the lives of others – she wants to win the war no matter the cost.

The Enemy
– Dr. Adam Weishaupt (male, 40s+) A cold, amoral scientist who is responsible for manufacturing the Fog. He is shot in the chest. Blood effects will be required for this role. Actor must not be allergic to latex for special effects makeup.
– Guard (male, 20s+) A guard in the Fog factory that takes a knife in the throat. Role may require blood effects and special effects makeup. Actor must not be allergic to latex for special effects makeup.
– 3 Soldiers (male/female, 20s+) Run through battle scene, shoot at soldiers, set up Fog beacons, etc.

Supporting Roles
– Dying Soldier (male, 20s+, non-speaking role) Wounded, unconscious, beyond hope of survival. Role will require blood effects and special effects makeup. Actor must not be hairy, or be willing to shave chest hair to accommodate makeup. Actor must not be allergic to latex for special effects makeup.
– Woman (female, 20s+, non-speaking role) A caring person who tries to help an injured soldier. She is shot by the soldiers who mistake her for the enemy. Wardrobe – dingy gray dress or similar dingy clothing. Role may require blood effects. Actor must not be allergic to latex for special effects makeup.
– Zeppelin pilot (male/female, 20s+) Operates spotter scope, shot in front of green screen.

Featured Extras
– Older Couple (male and female, 50s+) A soldier’s parents, needed for a picture that the Dying Soldier carries with him in battle.

Audition Location:

Royal Oak, Michigan (exact location will be e-mailed when approved for audition)


Actors must e-mail Robert Young at rpyoungiii@gmail.com with a resume and headshot. Please also indicate preference of audition day and time (see above). We prefer to communicate by e-mail, but you may call 313-319-6612 for extra information.

MISC.: Please bring a monologue with you. Sides will be e-mailed to you when approved for an audition. SAG actors are welcome to audition (deferred payment for SAG actors). This will be a non-paying role for all other non-SAG actors. Callbacks may be required. Meals, credit and a demo reel DVD will be provided.


In an alternate earth not unlike our own 1920s, a great world war has raged for decades across continents and through cities. The balance of power changed when the enemy invented a terrifying new chemical weapon – the Fog. A lieutenant on the opposing side, serving an army on the verge of defeat, is sent on a mission to capture the scientist responsible for manufacturing the Fog — at the expense of his platoon who loyally follow him without knowing they are the sacrificial lambs in the mission. Will the lieutenant follow his orders or save his men?


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