Audition for short film! “The War Gamer” (Grand Rapids, Michigan)

Casting For

“The War Gamer”

Auditions will be held on Wednesday Nov. 4th @ 5:00pm. Shoot dates are Nov. 14 & 15. Auditions may lead to future opportunities!


Randy– Male, age 18-23, height 5’5-5’10, smaller build or scrawny, eccentric attitude. Medium hair length preferred.

Cole– Male, age 28-35, height 5’11 & up, larger build (muscle or bulky), laid back/mellow, slow talker. Beard preferred.

“Mrs. Randy’s Mom” – Female, age 38-50, height (around 5’8), slender body type, sarcastic and short tempered.

To audition, send an email with photo and contact info to Contact before Nov 4th.

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