Voice Over Talent & Casting for Internet Commercial (Grandville, MI)

Voice & Actor Casting Call

I am searching for voice talent and on screen talent for a 60 second web image video for a local hardware manufacturer.


  • Three female voices (typical suburban mom, mid 30s, well educated)
  • Three male voices (two designers/craftsmen, mid 30s, father figure)
  • Three male actors (non-speaking roles, one designer/graphic artist, two modelers/craftsmen working with metal)
  • Three female actors (non-speaking roles, one designer/graphic artist, two modelers/craftsmen working with metal)

The actors could very well be the same folks who record the off-camera narration.

The piece aims to reveal that the characters are all connected through emotions, dreams, art, meaning, work, memories…LIFE. They all relate to the emotions of what we all call HOME. Basically associating comfort with their brands of hardware for the home.

The video will be distributed on their website and other sites within the retail space.


This is a paid opportunity. Please send me your info along with day rate and half day rate if applicable. If you book through an agency, please indicate so and provide their contact info and pricing.

Upon acceptance of the bid we will provide to the client today, filming will take place within the next two weeks.

I need to submit this estimate by the end of the day today, so if you are interested or can give me an idea of the going rates, that would be extremely beneficial.


Navin Kharmai
Kharmai Video Productions
(616) 862-0683

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  1. Heather Costa says:

    Hi Navin,

    I realize this was posted on May 28th, however, if you are still looking for a voice talent for your project, please contact me to listen to my demo reels and find out more information.

    I have an on-site professional studio in NY and can provide a fast turnaround for your project. I would be happy to discuss rates for you based on the length of the read.

    Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions!

    Thank you for your consideration.

    Heather Costa
    Voice Talent, Producer & Coach

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