VERNAJUNE ENTERTAINMENT will be holding a casting call for multiple projects on Saturday January 26th. Auditions will be held in beautiful Downtown Flint at the historic FLINT LOCAL 432. VERNAJUNE ENTERTAINMENT will be filming the entire event, so just by coming down and auditioning you will already have a chance to be on the multiple projects. Producers will be looking to cast non-union actors in roles for two TV/Web series: “ACTING CHOPS” and “GOTTA HAVE HEART”, as well as upcoming projects: which include music videos, short films and feature films. The great thing is we will be filming the audition process as part of the “PILOTS” and “PROMOTIONAL TRAILERS” for both of these shows. So just for coming you will already have a chance of being on both shows.

Auditions Details:

Saturday, January 26th from 10:00am until 3:00pm

Flint Local 432
124 W. First St.
Flint, MI 48503


“ACTING CHOPS” is a competitive reality show that gives 16 contestants the chance to make their acting dreams come true. Contestants will compete in a new challenge each episode that will test their acting ability. One winner will walk away with a CASH PRIZE and the starring role in an upcoming feature film. “ACTING CHOPS” features a Host and two Acting Coaches who try to help mold the contestants into amazing Actors. The Host and Acting Coaches also act as the judges in determining who is eliminated each week.

Available Roles: (ACTING CHOPS)

  • Host: Attractive female, age range 18-30. Must be comfortable in front of the camera, and talking in front of large crowds. Must have great interpersonal and improvisational skills.
  • Acting Coach: Looking for two actors, age range 25-50. Don’t necessarily need to have a huge resume of acting credentials as most of the dialogue will be scripted. Looking the part is more important.
  • Contestants: Looking for 16 actors of various ages, experience levels, and looks. We are looking for crazy characters and crazy costumes as well as all levels of experience.


“GOTTA HAVE HEART” is a television/web series that follows three Flint natives as they chase their dreams. The goal of ““GOTTA HAVE HEART” is to show why people stay in Flint, despite all of the negative media, and will help highlight the positive events going on in Flint, all while maintaining a story about our three main characters.

Available Roles: (GOTTA HAVE HEART)

  • Jordan James: (Lead Role) Jordan is a forty something father of two, who is a laid off auto worker who is down to his last couple unemployment checks, but has this strong urge to fight for his dream of becoming an actor. Jordan has to balance his mounting bills, struggling relationship with his wife Tara, and his urge to become an actor.
  • Abigail Adams: (Lead Role) Age range early 20’s. Abigail is a talented young artist, who has to put her dreams on hold when her grandmother becomes very ill, and her mother has to quit her job in order to take care of her. Abigail decides to put in more hours and try to help pay the bills. Abigail has a huge heart and would sacrifice her dreams for the well being of her family. ARTISTIC skills a huge plus.
  • Connor Cross: (Lead Role) Age range 18-25. Connor is a young guitar player who is just trying to make it through the hardships of his life. Must be able to show a range of emotions, as well as play guitar, and the ability to sing is also a big plus. Can bring acoustic guitar to auditions.
  • Samantha: (Supporting Role) Samantha is Abigail’s best friend and co-worker. Samantha is blown away by Abigail’s abilities and is constantly pushing her to pursue her dreams. Samantha also ends up becoming Connor’s girlfriend.
  • Tara James: (Supporting Role) Tara is Jordan’s wife. She is in her thirties and loves her husband dearly, but the mounting bills and uncertainties of an income are causing her to become very stressful, especially as her husband goes to auditions instead of interviews. Tara has to balance being a supportive wife, with weighing her family’s future.
  • Zack James: (Supporting Role) Zack is Jordan and Tara’s ten-year-old son.
  • Ashley James: (Supporting Role) Ashley is Jordan and Tara’s seven-year-old daughter.
  • Betty Adams: (Supporting Role) 40’s. Betty is Abigail’s mother. Betty had to quit her job in order to take care of her mother. Betty feels horrible that Abigail has to put her dreams on hold to support the family.
  • Jackie Adams: (Supporting Role) Over 60. Jackie is Betty’s mother and Abigail’s grandmother. Jackie is up and down with her illness. She still tries to support Abigail and tries to encourage her to chase her dreams. She feels bad that Abigail wastes all of her time working.
  • Walter: (Supporting Role) Over 50 white male. Walter is a third generation shop worker, who spends most of his free time in a bar. He is also quick to give a history lesson to anyone who will listen. Walter means well and has a way of influencing all three leads.
  • Mark: (Supporting Role) Mark is a restaurant owner who is also Connor’s boss. Mark really likes Connor and tries to help him out whenever he can.
  • Trisha: (Supporting Role) Age range 30-50. Trisha is Abigail’s boss and is very uptight and fake. Makes Abigail life at work very difficult.
  • Steve: (Supporting Role) Age Range 20-60. Steve works at the restaurant with Connor. He is always making fun of Connor and putting him down. He picks on other people to make up for his wasted life.
  • Other Roles: Producers will also be casting 12 other roles for the series that are open to the best actors.


As of right now all actors who are cast will be compensated with Credit, and Meals.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in applying, just attend the audition on January 26th. If you have any questions please contact JEFF at:

NOTE: For all roles please bring a current headshot and resume. Also prepare a 1 minute monologue in a style of your choosing. Also be prepared for a cold reading and possible improvisation.

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