Vampirism Bites: Season One Casting Call (SE Michigan)

Comedy Web Series Casting

Vampirism Bites Casting Call

A comedy web series, Vampirism Bites is looking for talent in and around the SE MICHIGAN area where the web series will be shot.

We’re looking for 2 men and 1 woman (minimum age 20) to join the cast for some episodes.

Please send headshots and resume to

The best prospects will be contacted to read with series regulars. We will be shooting on non-consecutive days in late May and June, each role details the numbers of days you’ll be needed.

Vampirism Bites first official season continues where the test-episodes left off: A young woman finally got her fantasy of becoming a vampire, only to discover the world of vampires is not a 24/7 sexual and romantic fantasy. As a matter of fact, it kind of sucks.

Pay is Copy/Credit/Exposure. The web series will be released in 13-14 episodes on the “Vampirism Bites” YouTube channel.

You can see the original test episodes that were shot last year at the link listed below. These were done to determine production logistics for a full season this year, but the storyline presented is cannon; thus why they are called “Season Zero”


The Roles available are as follows:

PIERCE (male, 20+): A vampire hunter for a decade, he’s been teamed up with his girlfriend Syd, herself a vampire. They’re relationship is just as close despite the dichotomy. He’s a little ragged, a little sarcastic, but still on his game. Martial Arts and/or fight choreography experience is a plus. MAX 3 Shooting Days total + possible promotional photography/video for an extra day.

SYD (female, 20+): A vampire getting into her first decade, staying with her soul mate Pierce, a vampire hunter. She’s just as happy and relaxed as she always was, but has a nightmare that follows her to this day. Martial arts and/or fight choreography experience is a plus. MAX 3 Days shooting, with possible promotional photography/video for an extra day.

CURTIS (male, 20+): A vampire hunter who has become the best reconnaissance man they’ve ever had. Due to a traumatic brain injury from his first vampire hunt, he can’t lie. This trait causes him to be calm in the face of anything, as lying to himself isn’t an option. MAX 2 shooting days.

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