“The Union Series” Extras Casting Call (Detroit, MI)

Extras Casting Call for Saturday, July 30th Shoot

The Union: Notes from the Underground

The Union Series is looking for extras for a shoot on Saturday, July 30th in the Detroit area. Call time in 12:00pm, noon. Wardrobe for the scene will be suits for men and black dresses for the women.


A crime story set in the rusted great city of Detroit as three crime families plot against one another to gain control of the city. The Galdwin’s, steep in old world Italian traditions, who through the years are now just a shadow of their former greatness. Now led by Stella Galdwin, the granddaughter of the great visionary crime-boss Adama Galdwin, she seeks to restore her family legacy and move the family into the 21st century no matter the costs. In the city, two gangs battle for control of the streets, Joseph “King” Leo and his two sons, Damon and Redball are on the edge of war with their former allies Marco and Donna Paige. Meanwhile, London Clark, a former US army Ranger now a Galdwin enforcer with his partner Claire, and computer expert Sands must hunt for a former Mossad agent, Milla Grey. Milla and her mysterious employer slowly emerge to become a major factor in the city. A player who may have deeper roots in Detroit’s past then anyone can imagine. Loyalty will be tested, bonds broken, but at the end of the day their can be one at the very top of Detroit.

Available Roles:

  • Mourners: African American, male or female (age 18+)


These are not paid roles. Food will be provided on set.

How to Apply:

How to Apply: If you are interested in applying please email your complete contact information and a recent picture to: theunion_tv@epyonproductions.com

NOTE: Please include “Mourner” in the subject line of your email.

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  1. Walter Lee says:

    hey i like to be an extra still what time saturday and location in Detroit are we going to be at

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