“Under the Influence” Casting Actors for Stage Play

Casting Call for Lead and Supporting Roles

Under the Influence

This is an ongoing production that has traveled all over Michigan to various theaters over the last 2 years. Its a production that is loosely inspired by a true story about three young men who make a promise to each other to achieve their dream of becoming doctors. We are starting our new season of the stage play and we are looking for dedicated actors for the following roles.

Available Roles:

  • Counselor White (lead): A counselor at the inner city high school Cantebury High. She counsels one of the troubled teenagers who has a hidden dream of becoming a doctor. She fights to bring the best out of him because she knows that he is capable of doing better in life. She is a strong but yet very caring woman who is tired of losing her students to the streets
  • Professor Hill: A college professor of biology. Very intelligent individual who challenges the minds of his students by any means necessary, even if it means offending them in a certain way. He is a stubborn individual who fights hard to get away from what and where he came from.
  • Mike: A college student who is very energetic on campus. He is the life of everywhere he goes and can easily turn a study hall into a frat party!
  • Dr. Young: A very important character who plays a big role in how these three young men get to college. He also plays a big role in helping them stay. In the midst of all of the negative circumstances, Dr. Young stands as a strong character who helps motivate these guys all the way to the top


A number or these roles are paid opportunities and allows the actor to continually be able to perform throughout the course of the year to stay sharp!

How to Apply:

If you are interested in auditioning, please email your headshot and resume to: arthur@sthproductions.com

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