Need Male and Female Actors for TV Commercial (Birmingham, MI)

Seeking males and females to take part in a commercial for an up and coming product in the beverage industry.

See below for first draft of the concept:

A close up of a person asking “What is ON GO?”
A female tennis player replying “focus” as she hits the ball and runs off. (tone and sexy female, 24-30 yrs old)
A soccer mom replying “energy” as she helps her kids get in the van (average ‘soccer mom’/housewife’)
A band replies “stamina” as they prepare for a set. (couple of ‘rock looking’ band members)
And a college student is walking on campus and adds “flavor and great taste” (M or F young average college student)
A weightlifter says “ no crash” as he prepares to lift (built athletic male 25-30ish)
Business man(30-40), “On Go Energy, all the things you want in an energy drink and none of the things you don’t.” (For this role, the voiceover is very important, must be a confident speaker)

To be considered, please submit your information (name, email, contact info, photos) to and if we are interested, we will be in touch with you to let you know the date for the casting call to choose the final cast. At the casting call, we will ask you to come as if it was the actual shoot for the commercial, so for whatever role you think fits, you will need to dress/look that way.


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  1. Tony Bremner says:

    I would like to go out for this

  2. Tony Bremner says:

    I am here on michigan

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