Tutti Fuori Productions Casting Call for Female Actor

Auditions & Casting for Upcoming Film

Tutti Fuori Productions is casting 1 additional role for an upcoming film to be shot and produced this summer in Grand Rapids, MI. Auditions are scheduled for late March 2012.

In what could be called a modern-day film noir, two twenty-somethings become entangled in the city’s seedy underbelly after responding to a simple online ad. This yet-to-be-titled film is as much about the city itself as it is about the characters and the story. The producer/director and I are looking for serious actors and actresses who will have the time (and the skill set) necessary to help our team achieve cinematic . Filming will take place mostly at night five days a week (Mon-Fri) to keep everyone’s day schedule and weekends free. Please note that this film does contain some coarse language and adult content.

Available Roles:

  • The Blonde (Female): (Supporting Role; 24-28, blonde hair a must. We will accept other colors if you’re willing to dye it). The character known only as “the blonde” is an integral piece to the puzzle, and perhaps one of the most dynamic characters in the film. A sultry-yet-subtle femme-fatale (minimal dialogue, moderate screen time).


This role will not be compensated initially, but there is room for profit-sharing further down the line. More importantly, we treat our actors with the utmost respect and care because without you, there is no film.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in applying please email your resume, headshots and anything else you believe will help us get a glimpse into who you are as an actor or actress to: tuttifuoriproductions@gmail.com

NOTE: Upon submission, we will be contacting you shortly thereafter to set up an audition. Group auditions will be held in late March. Personal Appointments may be provided on a case-by-case basis

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