Casting Role of Michaelangelo “Mickey” Ferentillo

Tutti Fuori Productions Casting Call

Tutti Fuori Productions recently had a roll re-open for “The Girl, The Gun, and Everything”, a modern-day film noir.  The role of Michaelangelo “Mickey” Ferentillo is now available for immediate casting.  Shooting will take place in Grand Rapids, MI.

Available Roles:

  • Michaelangelo “Mickey” Ferentillo:  Male, late 30’s/early 40’s, muscular build, seedy persona. See below for full bio. We are flexible in our back story, and willing to open the role as necessary. Mickey’s ethnicity is a non-issue. Moderate screen time but minimal time commitment (3 days on set).

Michelangelo “Mickey” Ferrentillo has seen it all.

Born into a second generation Italian American family in Alger Heights, Mickey’s drive to become a police officer stemmed not from lineage or a sense of responsibility, but as a result of watching his neighborhood slowly die at the hands of urban blight. The Heights, once Grand Rapid’s “Little Italy,” eventually morphed into a gang-and-drug laden wasteland. Mickey graduated high school, joined the academy, and vowed to prevent similar fates for the city’s other burrows. He failed.

As time passed, the city decayed at an alarming rate, and Mickey, then just a beat cop, had little he could do to combat it. He took the failure personally, and used his feelings to spur on his career ambitions, eventually making detective. He attained several commendations and eventually transferred from Homicide to Narcotics, a division he hoped would allow him street-level access to the root of the city’s problems. But as he ascended the ranks of the GRPD, instead of truth and justice, he found graff and corruption. The Narcotics unit was perhaps among some of the worst in the department, and so, in a last ditch effort to save himself, Mickey took a transfer to Vice. It would forever change his life.

The Vice squad proved too much for him. Between the frequent sexual abuse he encountered among the city’s working girls (and the generosity of their…affections, especially when they were trying to duck a charge) Mickey quickly succumbed to the draw of the city’s underworld. It wasn’t long before he was taking bribes from the local strip joints (many of which operated with a “hands on” policy) and massage parlors while running narcotics out of the back of his unmarked squad car. He had become the very thing he had sought out to destroy.

But for Mickey, things weren’t quite as black and white. After spending years on the opposite side of the thin blue line, after hundreds of hours of unpaid overtime, after case after case of exploited children, teenage Russian sex workers, and heroin addicted single-moms, Mickey finally gave up his crusade. He just wanted out. A pension and a place somewhere warm, where he could forget about all the ugliness the job (and the city) and wrought upon him.

Our story picks up just as things start heading south for Mickey. He’s under investigation by Internal Affairs, and they’re dangerously close to putting a case together on him, and he’s quickly running out of time. And so, in a last ditch effort to save his career, he devises a desperate and cunning plan that will forever alter the course of his life…


This is not a paid role.

How to Apply:

For details and to schedule an audition, please email your headshot and resume to:

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