“Trivial Pursuits” Needs Student Extras August 29th (Ann Arbor, MI)

“Trivial Pursuits” Extra Casting

The feature Film “Trivial Pursuits” needs extras to play students in a huge lecture scene on Saturday, August 29.

The shoot will take place starting at 6:00am on Saturday the 29th at the Law Quad of the University of Michigan. Extras should be prepared to stay until 6:00pm. Sunday reappearance is not necessary, but if available and willing, you will probably be assigned a closer position on set to the main actors, with more camera time. Extras should bring classroom outfit (2 options for summer and 2 options for winter) complete with books, backpack/messenger bags and notebook/laptops.

This gig is unpaid, but there will be free meals, snacks and drinks served the entire day.

If interested, please email cast.ann.arbor@gmail.com with the title “EXTRAS – CLASSROOM SCENE” and a picture/headshot.

If accepted, you should receive confirmation by Friday.

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