“The Trap House” Casting Auditions for Short Film (Grand Rapids, MI)

Casting Call for “The Trap House”

We are shooting a short film and we’re looking for actors. The film is titled “The Trap House” and its about a suburban girl who learns to appreciate what she has after spending an eventful day at her boyfriend’s house in the ghetto. The film is set in Pontiac, Mi but will be filmed in Grand Rapids, Mi. “The Trap House” is a character-driven drama and it will be about 15 minutes in length.

I am a Grand Valley student and this film is my senior thesis project. I am working very hard to make it as professional looking as possible. Since this is a student film I will not be able to pay any of the actors, but I will compensate all actors involved with free food while on set and with a copy of the final project when it is finished. The film will be shot in the Grand Rapids area and you will need to arrange transportation, however we may be able to provide some transportation.

Audition Details:

Auditions will take place this Wednesday June 2nd from 2PM to 6PM at the DeVos Center on the Grand Valley State campus in Grand Rapids, in Room 107C (located right behind Starbucks, if the lights are still on after 6, then we’re still there – so come on in).

Please bring resume and headshots (if available, if not, a clear picture) or send them to us before hand. Regardless of experience (or lack there of), new actors should still try out, we need actors than can look and play the parts. Auditions will be videotaped. If you’re unable to make it Wednesday or read this post after auditions, just contact me and send me your headshots and resume and we’ll try and schedule a personal audition as soon as possible. Also, we doing casting for a half black baby, so if any actor has a half black or all black baby boy or girl between the ages of four months to three years, feel free to bring them along with you.

Currently, we are planning to film Monday June 14th thru Wednesday June 16th, using Thursday June 17th and Friday June 18th for any pick-ups that may be needed. Monday thru Wednesday will be full days, which will start at 9AM and end around 9PM. Actors applying for major roles need to be available

How to Apply:

Email or call Nate at JAMNIKN@mail.gvsu.edu or 248-240-2975. Please let me know which character you are applying for and I will send you a portion of the script.

Character Descriptions

  • Hailey – 16-year-old white female, grew up in the suburbs, naïve but open-minded, a bit stubborn and argumentative, protagonist and narrator
  • Justin – 18-year-old white male, from the ghetto, uses a lot of slang, has a lot of pride but struggles with issues of shame, sensible but a little hot-headed, caring boyfriend
  • Booman – late 20’s, black male, from the ghetto, uses a lot of slang, comes off as wise and alluring, sells drugs (crack and ecstasy) to support his family
  • Nevaeh – 6 month to 2 year old, at least half black, female or male (we’ll change the name if it’s a male), still in diapers
  • Debra – late 30’s to early 40’s, white female, skinny, unkempt, looks a unhealthy, bags under her eyes, crack-head, cold-hearted but shows signs of shame and regret
  • Roe – 18-40 years old, tall and energetic, black man, uses slang, from ghetto, very animated, upbeat, peppy, scatter-brain
  • Black – 20’s or 30’s, black male, uses slang, from ghetto, upset and angry
  • Nicole – 17-year-old white female, from ghetto, sassy, has an attitude, confident and strong-willed
  • Hailey’s Mom – Early 40’s, white female, from suburbs, strict but caring
  • Mama Bear – Early 40’s, white female, lives in the ghetto, very friendly, caring, and loving

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  1. Dominique says:

    This movie doesn’t sound racist at all.

  2. Jasmine says:

    Have you already casted the biracial child for the short film? My daughter is 2, blue/green eyes, biracial. Please let me know.


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