“The Trainer” Casting Call, Black Hollywood Films (Detroit, MI)

Casting Athletic African American Actors

Black Hollywood Film Productions Casting

We look forward to networking with fresh talent in film, modeling, music, photography and editing.
BLACK HOLLWOOD FILMS would like to announce their next movie, “The Trainer“.

We need Male and Female Athletic looking Black Actors. Experienced and non-experienced actors are both welcome to apply.

“THE TRAINER” will be ready for stores by the winter of 2010. The filming will be held in Detroit, MI.


All role are paid positions.


If you are interested in being apart of this film send head shots and resumes to:
email: carl@blackhollywoodmovies.com.

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6 Responses to ““The Trainer” Casting Call, Black Hollywood Films (Detroit, MI)”

  1. Patrice Jean says:

    Hello i am very interested in auditioning for your movie i am a african american female and i am 18 yesrs old and i have no experience but i have talent. I am very athletic and i run track and play basketball and i live in florida and i wanted to know where these auditions are held at please respond and thankyou

  2. ranesha says:

    hello i am very interested as well i am an black African american female who loves to sing and play volley ball and act i just recently got an agent if that will help you guys hes from emerald city model and talent agencies i have a little experience but i would love to be in your movies im from Washington and im 15 years of age please contact me back to see where the auditions are held at as well thank you.

  3. Brandii Valentine says:

    hello my name is Brandii and I am 32 years of age but do not look it at all! I am athletic have played numerous sports in the past and have natural acting ability/talent (so I was told). I can send shots via email if u would like. My hair is naturally curly but at this point growing locks for a different look. If u are at all interested please feel free to get back at me! My current job role is a sous chef, but have always had a passion for acting! ttys! Brandii

  4. john ashford says:

    Hello, my name is John and I am very interested in possibly obtaining a role in one of your movies. I have never done any acting in front of a camera but I believe that I’m a natural, I am 37 years of age but nobody ever beleives that, I’m 6ft 1in and I find myself to be very attractive, in athlectic and fit and very capable of accomplishing anything. I look forward to hearing from you and I can be reached by telephone as well. 810-304-2468 thank you and have nice day.

  5. Dominique Hodge says:

    Hi my name is Dominique Hodge a 25 year old Black female from Detroit Michigan. I attend Wayne State University, I will be finish soon. Im a natural at acting, I have no experience, but will learn what ever is needed of me.May God Bless U….. Have a wonderful Day…….I have You Tube clips of myself also…

  6. cleavon gilmore says:

    Wow i just got through watching the film small world and me being the athletic black handsome man i am this was (small world) was a definate positive gem for ya! It was written (kudos) great! Any future parts coming in the future please email me at jamesvon75@hotmail.com
    thank you for a positive movie God bless

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