Casting Call “The Saxophone Player” (Ann Arbor & Detroit, MI)

Casting Call for “The Saxophone Player” from Rockwell Pictures

“The Saxophone Player” is the story of Duncan Harper, a recently laid-off Detroit autoworker, who decides to pursue his passion of jazz as means of enjoyment and employment. The film production of “The Saxophone Player” is casting for the following male, female, and child roles:

Primary Cast:

-Duncan Harper, 1st male lead (50 to 60 years old, African American), a laid off Detroit autoworker who finds a means of self-betterment and contentment through playing his saxophone. Saxophone talent is preferred but not a requirement.

-Paul Rogers, 2nd male lead, (25 to 30 years old, African American), a jazz club employee and trumpet player. Trumpet talent is preferred but not a requirement.

-Diane Harper, 1st female lead (50 to 60 years old, African American), Duncan’s wife, a casino black jack dealer who is independent and disciplined.

Secondary Cast:

-Earl Jeffries, (50 to 60 year old, African American), Duncan’s optimistic close friend from the auto-factory.

-Richard Gary, (50 to 60 years old, African America), the assertive, confident, and personable jazz club owner.

-Langston Rogers, (6 to 8 years old, African American), Paul’s positive and energetic son.

-Union Representative, (40 to 60 years old, Caucasian), the representative instilling hope in laid off workers.

-Janet (20 to 30 years old, African American), Langston’s babysitter.

-Pit Boss (40 to 60 years old), a stern and professional casino employee.

-Casino Dealer (30 to 60), is a fellow black jack dealer with Diane Harper.

-Scrap Metal Yard Employee (30 to 60), works at the scrap metal yard.

-Scrap Metal Yard Supervisor (40 to 60), runs the scrap metal yard.

-Drummer (30 to 60, African American), percussion talent preferred but not required.

-Pianist (30 to 60, African American), piano talent preferred but not required.

-Bassist (30 to 60, African American), bassist preferred but not required.

-Casino Waitress (30 to 40), a fellow casino employee.


-Jazz Club Patrons (30 to 60 years old), create the lively atmosphere of the jazz club.

-Auto Factory Workers (40 to 60 years old), employees in the auto-factory.

-Auto-Union Members (50 to 60 years old), laid off employees in the union meeting.

-Public Park Men and Women (40 to 60 years old), passers-by who have experienced unemployment and are uplifted through music.

-Young School Children (6 to 9 years old, African American), children who play on the school playground.

-Casino Gamblers (30s to 60s years old) who play cards in the Casino

“The Saxophone Player” will be shooting in early January in the Detroit and Ann Arbor areas on Super 16mm film. Please contact with your roles of interest, headshots, and resumes.

Rockwell Pictures

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