“The Rental” Open Auditions & Casting for GVSU Senior Film

Casting Call for College Aged Actors

A senior film student at Grand Valley State University is producing a short ten minute 16mm film titled “The Rental”. They are casting actors to play college aged students. Talent must be available on the weekend of November 4th ,5th and 6th. Auditions will be held Thursday, October 13th from 6:00pm to 10:00pm on GVSU’s Grand Rapids Campus. Grand Valley’s film program continues to hold a high reputation of quality student work.


Sam, a lonesome college student who is constantly taken advantage of, is invited to a party by a girl and her bully boyfriend as a joke. Sam, not understanding their intentions, agrees to come with his best friend. The only problem, Sam doesn’t have any friends. While walking through a school hallway, distressed over the predicament he put himself in, Sam comes across an ad for a “Rent-A-Friend” business posted on a bulletin board. He sets an appointment with the handsome and confident Link, who signs a contract to be Sam’s best friend for 24 hours in exchange for cash.

Sam and Link arrive at the party, where they unintentionally set Sam’s hoody next to an identical one belonging to Mike, a dangerous drug dealer. As the two leave in a hurry after a confrontation with Frank the bully, Link accidentally grabs Mike’s hoody instead of Sam’s. Sam later discovers drugs in the pocket and panics. Realizing it belongs to Mike, the local hot-headed drug dealer, Sam knows he must do everything possible to return it to his house without Mike finding out. Reluctant to help, Link refuses to aid Sam in his dilemma. Sam finds his strength and decides to try to solve the problem on his own. He stealthily swaps the hoodies, only to be caught by Frank in the last moments of the act. Suddenly, Link returns and fools Frank into grabbing Mike’s hoody. As an angry Mike finds Frank with the drug hoody, Sam and Link leave the scene, each having made a REAL new friend.

Available Roles:

  • Sam: Main character. College student, scrawny, timid, gullable, a pushover.
  • Link: Sam’s “Rent-A-Friend”. College student, confident, good-looking, mysterious, smooth, tall.
  • Frank: Bully who constantly picks on Sam because he is an easy target. College student, bigger built, a bully.
  • Veronica: Frank’s girl and sidekick, Sam’s eye-candy. College student, stuck up, good-looking.
  • Mike: Drug dealer. College Student, intimidating, dark, mean, quiet.
  • Extras: Need 20-25 non-speaking extras to be in a Study Room scene, Cafe scene and Party scene. Extra’s need not to audition, just send availability preference for either Friday, November 4th, Saturday, November 5th or Sunday, November 6th.

NOTE: Actors must be available all three days of shooting, November 4th, 5th and 6th.


These roles are not paid, but actors will recieve film credit.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in applying, please attend the open audition on October 13th. Make sure to bring a resume and headshot with you to the audition. If you are going to attend the audition, please RSVP to Natalie Wozniak at: therentalfilm@gmail.com

NOTE: Scenes will be selected and provided for each character from the script the day of auditions.

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