“The Rebound” Casting Call for Indie Feature Film (Southfield, MI)

Auditions on July 28th at Specs Howard

Casting Call for an upcoming independent feature film “The Rebound” will be held on Thursday, July 28th 2011 at Specs Howard School for Media Arts (Classroom 4 Which is located upstairs) 19900 West 9 Mile Road Southfield, MI. This will be a full-length feature that will be shot on weekends starting in September until completion. This is a non-union project.


The Rebound is a Romantic comedy that follows the life of Tyler who is a young college student who has recently suffered a bad break up with his long time girlfriend. When his friends Caleb and Danny decide its time for him to reenter the dating world Tyler is put through a plethora of hilarious dating misadventures. Only time will tell if Tyler can find his one true love or if he will doomed to a lifetime of his friends misguided but well-intentioned schemes.

Available Roles:

  • Tyler: Early to mid 20’s. Caucasian Average build, Average looking Joe that is intelligent and down to earth. Slightly gullible, very Loyal to friends and family
  • Caleb: Early to mid 20’s. Any ethnicity Athletic build. Handsome, Egotistical and sarcastic. Self centered even when helping out friends. Best Friend to Tyler
  • Danny: Early to mid 20’s. Any ethnicity, Average to heavy build. Artistic minded painter that sometimes dabbles in mind-altering substances. Room mate and Best friend of Tyler
  • Katie: Early 20’s. Any ethnicity. Any Hair color. Athletic build, Attractive yet down to earth, loving and nurturing but still tough. Local Bartender and longtime close friend of Tyler
  • Jessica: Early 20’s. Caucasian, Blonde Hair. Slim build, nice looking, Very self-centered and controlling. Tyler’s girlfriend
  • Mike: Early to Mid 30’s. Caucasian Average build, Average Joe look. Family oriented cares for the feeling of others. Older brother of Tyler
  • Ashley: Early to Mid 30’s. Any ethnicity. Any Hair color. Average build, Attractive soft and nurturing personality. Mikes wife.
  • Walter: Early 60’s to mid 70’s. Any ethnicity. Grizzled and wise widow that after years apart still misses his spouse. Regular Patron at Katie’s Bar
  • Jen: Late teens to early 20’s. Any ethnicity. Any Hair color. Very attractive. Librarian by day Club Kid by night mentality. Fellow student with Tyler
  • Vanessa: Late teens to early 20’s. African American. Very attractive. Very sweet demeanor but with large sensual and flirtatious tendencies. Tyler’s Date
  • Amanda: Early to mid 20’s. Any ethnicity. Sexy, independent, She portraits a nice person on the outside but there is something sinister in her undertones. Tyler’s Date
  • Savannah: Late teens to mid 20’s. Caucasian, Any Hair color, a sexy southern belle that dresses conservative but is very flirtatious. Tyler’s Date
  • Kathleen: Late 30’s to mid 40’s. Caucasian, Any Hair color. Very attractive mature lady that knows what she wants and has no problems with going after it. Savannah’s mother.
  • Also Needed are a boy and girl ages 4-6 years old for a small opening scene.


Currently we are operating with a short budget and do not have the resources to make living accommodations for out of town applicants. If you have the means to be in the Detroit Metro Area then we would love to have you come out for the audition. Payment for actors will be on a deferred basis.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in applying just attend the open audition on July 28th. If you have any questions about the casting please send an email to Kyle Rizor at: kyle.rizor@gmail.com

NOTE: You must bring a head shot and resume to the audition. This will be a cold read audition; sides will be given at time of audition. Actors must bring a 1-minute monologue that best fits their idea of the character they are auditioning for.

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