“The Raid” Casting Call for Action Short Film (Detroit, MI)

Casting Actors for “The Raid”

Casting actors for speaking roles in the action short film, “The Raid”. Filming will take place on January 6th, 7th and 8th in Detroit, MI.

Available Roles:

  • Mayor Daniel McKenry III:A beloved mayor that fights for the people. (African-American, mid to late 30’s, humble down to earth)
  • Sergeant Lucious Donceco Riggs: Crooked cop who has made it through the ranks by staying connected to the criminal under world and pulling on the coat tails of those in power. (Hispanic, 30’s, Sinister)
  • Tiffany McKenry: The Mayors beloved daughter. (African-American, mid to late 20’s, Gorgeous, polite and well-spoken)
  • The Elite Unit Sanchez: Auto-technician, ex-marines, Specialty: Hand to hand combat, and automobiles. (Hispanic, 20’s, small framed)
  • DOA: served in the National Guard immediate response unit as well as border control down on the US- Mexican border Specialty: Assault rifles, tremendous strength, and breaking or killing things; one or the other. (African-American, 20’s, big thick guy)
  • Brooklyn: Spent some time with SWAT. Was not exciting enough for him so he decided to join the Elite Unit. Specialty: hand to hand combat, his mouth (very smooth talker), and being Master of disguise. (Caucasian, 20’s, medium size guy)
  • Brother Africa: Grew up around the street life but was the only one of his brothers who didn’t go down that road. Specialty: Giving black history facts to his fellow soldiers, assault rifles, martial arts. (African-American, 20’s)
  • RAK Boys: Criminal gang, Sergeant Riggs henchmen. (African-American, 15 guys) Goliath, RAK boys enforcer. (African-American, 25-35, body-builder type)


These are not paid roles.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in applying please email your head shot and resume to: mungusonga@gmail.com

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  1. Edward Case says:

    Hello i am 33yr old martial artist. A black belt in Taekwondo and Hapkido. Also currently in gymnastics. I have staged fight scenes using hand to hand combat as well as with weapons. I do most of my own stunts. Although i havent acted on camera im quick at learning the trick of the trade also fun to be around. I beleive my skills could be of use in your films, and would love to show my talent. I have head shot and a martial art resume ready as well as action shots upon request. Thank You!


    Edward Case

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