Auditions for WWI Movie, “The Peace POX”

Casting Call for Actors & Extras

We are having auditions for our WWI movie, “The Peace POX” on December 19th. This phase of the movie will be all outside shots during winter weather on a muddy No Man’s Land with wet and cold trenches. Plan to be on-set for four wintry weekends. Some evening/night scenes. These are all speaking roles.

Audition Details:

Wednesday, December 19th from 4:00pm to 9:00pm

Los Cabos
7467 Gratiot Rd.
Saginaw, MI 48609


Christmas Eve, 1914

The War to End All wars was barely five months old. Almost a million people had been killed or wounded. Millions of brave men, mostly clueless pawns, joined up and marched out to kill each other for God and Country; just like their fathers before them and many generations to follow. By the end of this senseless slaughter a whole generation of men had been lost. One memorable event survived this debacle.

It happened like this. . .

Suddenly, a disease, the Peace Pox, broke out infecting both friend and foe. More virulent than small pox, the Peace Pox lasted just a few hours. Those infected were unwilling to fight during the course of the disease. Despite the best efforts of the generals, the Peace Pox spread along the Western Front, sparing few. Eventually, the generals were able to eliminate the Peace Pox and develop an effective inoculation regimen.

POX is the story of a few soldiers, British and German, who were affected most by the Peace Pox and suffered most from the cure. Join the Queen’s Own Rifles and the Saxons as they challenge each other to live while others plot their death.

Available Roles:

The British:

  • General Carleton, British Commander, aged mid 50’s
  • Major Johnson, Carleton’s Aide, aged mid 40’s

Queen’s Own Rifles:

  • Lieutenant Newbolt, aged 26 – 35
  • Sergeant Wilshire, aged ate 20s-30’s
  • Private Bill Bryden, aged 18
  • Private Victor Chapman, aged 18
  • Private Hubert “Pops” Griffith, aged 24
  • Private Charles Hughes, aged 22
  • Private Ernie Williams, aged 23
  • Private George Reilly, aged 18

Sgt. Wilshire’s Family:

  • Mildred Wilshire, aged late 203-mid 30’s
  • May Wilshire, aged 5
  • Amy Wilshire, aged 3
  • Suzanne Wilshire, aged 2

The Germans:

  • General Von Hoffman, German Commander, aged mid 50’s
  • Major VonHitzner, VonHoffman’s Aide, aged mid 40’s


  • Lt. Wenzel, aged 26-35
  • Sergeant Schulz, aged late 20s- 30’s
  • Private Ernst Haeckel, 18
  • Private Hugo Klemm, aged 18
  • Private Max Metzgar, aged 18
  • Private Kurt Zehmisch, aged 24
  • Private Ludwig Renn, aged 35

Sergeant Schulz’ Family:

  • Madeline Schulz, aged late 20s- 30’s
  • Johann “John” Schulz, aged 8
  • Katrina “Kate” Schulz, aged 5

EXTRAS: In addition we will need up to 20 extras, 18-22 looking, for on-camera roles but probably no lines.


These are paid roles. Pay will range from $60 to $200 per day, deferred in many cases though we are trying to overcome this concern.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in applying, please email your headshot and resume to:

NOTE: Please include the role you are applying for in the subject line of your email.

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