“The Lodge” Casting Call for Extras & Actors (Detroit, MI)

B.O.B Films Casting

B.O.B Films is casting actors and extras for a new movie, “The Lodge” which will be filmed in Detroit.

Available Roles:

  • 25 Lead/Supporting Roles
  • 30 Extras


To be announced at the casting call.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in applying please contact Jay at: (313) 397-2934

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16 Responses to ““The Lodge” Casting Call for Extras & Actors (Detroit, MI)”

  1. Ashley Zub says:

    Hey ! Interested but wondering what are the different specifics of the roles ?

  2. Eric Wilson says:

    Very interested in being an extra…can’t start until December 21 st.


    Eric Wilson

  3. Jill says:

    Interested…what ages are you looking for? Any children?

  4. Jennifer Minor says:

    I think it would be better if you posted more information on here and gave your email address. It would be easier for those interested.

  5. Dennis Bolton says:

    Hi i am interesting in playing a role in this movie i have experience in playing extra roles in 8mile, Envy, corner store , Reel Steel , and Detroit 187.

  6. Patricia Cissell says:

    Hi, called and left voice mail on number above for more information on this film.
    Thank you
    Patricia Cissell

  7. Dominique A says:

    Left info on voicemail

  8. Walter Lee says:

    hey this is Walter Iam interested in being a part of this gig i have acting exp as an extra and others like Real Steele,Detroit Unleadedand others as an extra and in speaking parts inDetroit 2 Heavy Metal,The Trainer from Black Hollywood Profile and others. please call me 586 468 4726/586 464 7894

  9. Hermes kings says:

    hi im very intrested i left a voice mail email im very experienced been doing acting for 2 yrs now

  10. Kirsten snyder says:

    I am interested in being in this movie.

  11. willie jones says:

    im very good at acting and i would do great in this movie

  12. Michael says:

    Left a message also. Looking for details where to send resume info and Bio.

  13. Carla says:


    I am interested in being in this movie. I have left my information on the voice mail listed.

  14. sandeep says:


    I am very much interested to play a supporting role or extra..i have expericne working in Machine gun preacher..Please leave me an email

  15. Ron Baratono says:

    Your mail box is full Jay but I’m very interested in your production. Thanks and break a leg my man. Best,

  16. Kearston Johnson says:

    when is the deadline to audtion? where is the audtion? Is children/teens allowed to audtion?

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