“The Intervention” Cast & Crew Call for Short

Actors and Film Crew Needed for Short Film

In pre-production for a low/no budget, 40-45 minute short entitled, “The Intervention.” Based on actual events in the mid 1970s, the script may be amended to the present to avoid costly staging. The story unfolds over a 24-hr time frame except a flash forward six months for one scene. Talent and crew can expect to film over a three-week period September-October, mostly weekends.

Crew Needed:

  • DP, audio technician, wrangler, script super, location scout, lighting and makeup persons, an associate producer and an solid film editor.

Available Roles:

  • Tom Melton: (age 27-35, caucasian) Small town newspaper editor, caucasian (lead role)
  • Bob Munn: (22-27) Reporter (supporting role)
  • Mr. T.: (19-21) College student, born and raised in Toronto (supporting role)
  • Punk Girl No. 1: (age 14-17) To be played by female older than 18 (smaller speaking roles)
  • Punk Girl No. 2: (age 14-17) To be played by female older than 18 (smaller speaking roles)
  • Charles Marsden: (55) News editor (minor role)
  • Canadian Border Guard: (40-ish) (minor role)
  • 10-15 Extras: Any race or gender


I will be preparing a budget and seeking funding with the intent of paying everyone something.

How to Apply:

This casting call is now closed.  Thank you to everyone who applied.

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3 Responses to ““The Intervention” Cast & Crew Call for Short”

  1. Kimberly Leitz- McCauley says:

    I didn’t see costume designer or wardrobe department listed, but thought I’d check anyway. Please feel free to check me out on IMDB and/or would happily send a current resume.


  2. Erinasha says:

    15 n want to play a role

  3. Roberto Novelli says:

    I sent an email today, however I was wondering where this would be filmed?

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